Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still gift making....will it ever end?

Just a quick post today...dead tired thanks to Miss Danae thinking that 5am is time to play! At least she got to catch up on her sleep on the drive to town today for I yawned all the way into town and now that I've sat back down I'm yawning again!!
Still sewing and crafting gifts for family and friends.
Got some more of my Christmas shopping done today so thankfully almost done. The hand made gifts are still being pumped out though!

Several more photo cushions for 2 nanny's.... they love the kiddy photos ;)

And since I was whipping up two decided I may as well make one for myself as well;) Put some of that pretty lace to good use.

A cute lavender bag....making some more of these. Who doesn't like sweet smelly bags to put in clothes drawers?

And my first hand made wand. This one is crafted for my DD Ebony. The SkyDreamer's wand. Can't wait to see the look on her face when she unwraps this!

It has a kyanite tip, garnet in the middle, phantom quartz end and 2 magpie feathers attached. Have a few more ideas for these too :) SO many new ideas forming at the moment and no time to work on my own stuff at the moment. Once Christmas is over expect lots of new designs :D

I'm off to bath my little munchkin and tomorrow I'll share a favourite Christmas recipe of ours thats really quick and easy and extra yummy for those lovers of fruit cake and plum pudding.....which is everyone in our house except Kayla! I suspect there was a mix up with her at the hospital;) She doesn't like licorice either...she's NOT normal!


BubzRugz said...

you are so well ahead with Christmas...... I still have so much to do.... I especially love your cushions.... the wand looks great too....
Is your back better now?

teresa said...

The cushions look wonderful Shelley and I love all that lace!!! Love the wand too.. you are so clever. Man I am still excited over my parcel from you today lol!!!! ha ha xxxxx

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Ohhh, what gorgeous cushions. I'm sure both Grans will really appreciate these.
Funny, I've just made one for a girlfriends 40th with her children on it.
I'm a bit naughty or busy at blogging lately otherwise you would have seen a picture of it! lol
Have fun churning out those pressies.

Meg Schrader said...

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Chuck Workman said...

fruit cake, plum pudding, and licorice...yuck! I'm on Kayla's side :) And to think you call her the crazy one - sounds to me like she's got more sense than the lot of you


What amazing keepsakes you have created. I am sure they will be cherished for generations!