Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet Jo Jingles

But before you do meet Jo I have to show you this absolutely GORGEOUS beaded decoration I received in the mail yesterday. My SSCS parcel, organised by Chookyblue, arrived yesterday. My main present is hidden under the tree...the kids are making sure I don't unwrap it...and Cade helped me unwrap the ornament. The photo really doesn't do it justice. It sparkles beautifully in the light and is too pretty to hang on the tree and get lost amongst all the other decorations so I've hung it in the lounge where it may just stay all year around cause its too pretty to pack away. I'm still not sure who sent it. All I know is that her name is Chris so if you're reading this Chris thank you very much. Its so beautiful. Can't wait to see what's in the main package!

Today is my DD Kaylas 16th birthday! Unfortunately she had to work this weekend so no big birthday bash but we went to town and had Maccas in Sebastopol for lunch with her and I got her a cute little cupcake for her cake ;) I left my camera (and mobile!)at home so no pics. She did get spoilt with some nice gifts though... one being a Jamie Oliver cookbook from Uncle and Aunty. She wants to be a chef and loves Jamie and tapes all his shows on the Lifestyle channel so she doesn't miss an episode.. so I expect some yummy dinners being made when she gets home Monday ;)She can seranade us whilst we eat our culinary delights with the new accoustic guitar me and Kev got her too.

So whilst we were in town we took a quick stop at the Salvos cause it was just around the corner from Maccas ;) I LOVE op-shopping. Little Miss scored this little top for $2.99 that doesn't look like its ever been worn............

and mummy scored a couple of star shaped plates for $2 each that are perfect for the holiday season decorations. Might put out some lollies on them when the kids go to bed.

Also scored this huge roll of invisible thread for $4.99! I pay more than that for the little rolls that fit on the sewing machine! I won't need to be buying any more for quite a while! Its not only big but heavy too so there's a LOT of thread on that baby!

I also got a couple of frames to repurpose and will show them in a few days when I've set to work on them. A couple of little ornaments added to the collection and all for the grand total of $20. Bargains galore!

No trip to Sebastopol can be complete without a trip to my favourite little quilt I had to get some more rusty bells for Jo! So a trip to Gails Patchwork Emporium for some rusty bells lead to some lonely laces that were begging me to take them home and who was I to refuse?

This one is going on a fairy

So once we were back home I got to put the finishing touches on both Jo Jingles...that was when Danae wasn't running off with him!

I did manage to get him off her long enough to put on his rusty bells and buttons that my DH made for me.

I had SO much trouble finding large wooden buttons so Kev made me some. Isn't he clever!

A close up of the design work on his coat. A cute little prim Christmas tree on each side.

A close up of his hat shows his little rusty bell berries. His scallop edge on his coat has a bell on each scallop too. No wonder he is called Jo Jingles. He certainly does when he's picked up!

So Jo Jingles 1 is all finished for my mum ready to be wrapped up out of little Miss Danaes reach.

And Jo number 2 is sitting on the mantle piece. How long he'll stay there before Danae wants another cuddle I dont know but she sure does love him. She is just like her mummy... she loves her dollies :)



BubzRugz said...

Those Jo Jingles are lovely.... such detail. Great ornament and the gift will be fun too I bet .... I don't know how you fit in everything.... do you sleep????

Chookyblue...... said...

what a lovely ornie........Santa is being sneaky isn't she.......LOL........some of the girls like to have a bit of fun in the swap.......all will be revealed once Santas wants to let you know who she is...........LOL.........

Joy McD said...

Shelley, Jo is soooo cute!!! I want him!!! When does the pattern come out? Will you come to my house and teach me how to make him, lol?!
You are so clever :) Oh, and Kev is too, very nice buttons!!

Char said...

Happy 16th birthday!!
What a shame she had to work, but had lunch and some fun anyway. Sounds like a nice time.
You scored! Beautiful ornie, it's just lovely. Looks like you also picked up some great treasures.
Thank you for leaving me such a nice comment on my blog. You post is just perfect and I can't wait to see what's under the tree, Char

teresa said...

Love, love, love Jo Jingles...both of them. They are so cute, and so much detail in them. You're so clever Shelley. That lace is so beautiful... she must have a great range to buy... I wouldn't be able to help myself!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Happy 16th Birthday to Kayla!

Wow, Jo Jingles is fabulous, I can see why Danae won't give it up.

What a special Christmas gift for her~so much time, effort and love involved {even a touch from Daddy}
Well done Kev, do you make those to order? lol

Dawn said...

adorable...& that lace is devine!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Ooh Shelley!

Love those Jo Jingles!!! (Annie Smith pattern?) You have done a fabulous job and its so special that DH made the buttons, too!

Danae is absolutely gorgeous! How can you resist that mischievious, fun-filled, beautiful face? You can't! Niether could I!!!

Love your op shop finds (I'm a sucker for Barbie kids clothes!) and loved the beaded bauble you were gifted - it's fabulous!

Big hugs sweetie! I'm a stress-head too, and I'm a Gemini. Okay - I'm only a stress-head "half" of the time!!!! LOL

Catch ya soon, gorgeous!!
Vikki xo :-)

Simone de Klerk said...

Your Jo's ... too very cute!!!