Saturday, January 19, 2013

As you can all see it has been a long time since I have posted here. Many new directions and spiritual awakenings have taken place in my life over the past year and this year is more about spirituality for me and working with the energies of the vast universe. I have started a new blog Crowing Moon filled with my magickal work. This year for me is about sharing my knowledge, healing clients with reiki and crystals, learning more to deepen my spiritual roots and sharing some of the spells and stories I have written. I will always be creating the dolls that you know and love but this year my creativeness is growing in different directions. My own hand drawn oracle cards are on the menu as is a children's book with characters I am creating myself. This blog will be deleted soon and all my creations for sale will still be available on facebook at Wickedly Divine Creations I hope to share this new magickal journey with you all Blessings

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adelind the Rainbow Dragon

Adelind is a very young dragon from the Rainbow Clan. She has never been out into the big wide world before and only knows the world within her fellow Rainbow Clan. Beautiful rainbow coloured crystals line the walls and ceiling of the cave she dwells within with her fellow rainbow dragons.
Being such a young dragon she has that childlike wonder in her eyes as she sees everything for the first time. Today she wandered out of the cave for the first time with her mother to spend the day in the dragon fields. After a while her mother lets her wander a little and watches her in the distance. Adelind watches the birds fly by and sniffs the delicate flowers.
The colours are so bright and fresh in the warm sunshine and she could spend forever here she thinks. The fluffy clouds float gently across the bright blue sky and the sunlight plays with the dust mites in the air creating a delicate sparkle. All the flowers smell so pretty and entices her senses. Rich colours fill her world and she is happy to be alive.
As she sits amongst the flowers inhaling their delicate perfume one beautiful flower stands out among the rest. Adelind plucks it from the ground and decides to give it to her mummy as a special gift. As she inhales the fragance a little white butterfly circles her head and then lands on the petals. She stares in wonder at it as she has never seen anything devoid of colour before. Where has the colour gone and how can something with no colour be so beautiful she wonders? The sparkle on the pretty little creature's delicate wings holds her attention and she cant look away.
She is lost in thought and time stands still as she takes in the beauty of this amazing creature in her hands.
Adelind has now sold and will be heading to her new home shortly. For more one of a kind hand crafted magickal creatures, goddess dolls, faeries and other fantastical beings head to my facebook page Wickedly Divine Creations

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A new blog for your reading pleasure

It has been a LONG time sine I have updated my blog and many changes have been happening in my Wickedly Divine world. One of them seems to be some big changes to blogger that I am yet to navigate. My beautiful blog is no longer working with the updates and changes here so a pretty basic one has been put up till I figure it all out..... I have begun a new blog I would like to direct you all to and will keep you all posted between the two as to what is going on in the world of WD :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello everyone! I must apologize..I have been the WORST blogger this year! SO long since I updated anyone on what I'm doing or more importantly catching up on all my favourite blogs! Although I am WAY behind on seeing what all my favourites have been up to I have often wondered how everyone is going or what they have been making and although I have been really bad at blogging I have been super flat out busy sewing and creating LOTS of new things...
so firstly I should explain my absence....
Several months ago a friend talked me into starting up a page on Facebook.. Wickedly Divine Creations by Shelley Hobbs.. to show off my dolls. The first one I shared was this mermaid........

and some pixie faes......

a couple of bags..........

some fantasy inspired dollies

a faery or two

and since then my page has just continued to grow and grow! I now have close to 1000 followers and orders are just coming in left, right and centre and my free time for blogging..or anything else.. has been soaked up in running the page, answering emails and filling orders!
I'm also working towards a market night to be held on my Facebook page on September 1st to show off lots of new designs that I haven't had a chance to make due to all the orders..which I have taken a short break from so I can create new designs..some using patterns from some awesome designers and lots of my own.
I really have been trying to find a happy medium that allows me to work and play.. which most of the time is my work :)It has been exciting and truthfully a bit overwhelming with how popular my creations have been but I think I have finally got it under control and have come to some sort of level of organisation so I can update, create and message friends that I've been way behind on...but dont quote me on that ;)
I have too many pictures of recent creations to show on here at once but if you'd like to see more click on my link above as my facebook page is updated a lot more frequently than this one....

AND last but not least... today was a most exciting day for me:D My very first published project in Homespun magazine came out today in August's Garden Issue. My regular blog readers would remember miss Lynda Laydie Bird that I created last year as a friend for Danae the Rose Elf....Well here is Lynda gracing the cover of Homespun....I haven't been able to wipe the silly grin off my face since I got my copy ;)

and very soon Lynda Laydie Bird and Danae the Rose Elf are getting another friend to play with...Bebby BumbleBee will be joining them for a tea party on September 1st so stay tuned for lots more Wickedly Divine Creations and join me on my facebook page to see lots of my fantasy inspired creations.

Blessings to all

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wennonah... the Fae witch of the Woodlands

Wennonah is a natural fae witch.

She adorns herself with the offerings of the woodland and uses the flowers, herbs and resins of the plants that grow around her woodland home.

She uses the plants to help injured and/or sick animals and other woodsy creatures.

Wennonah has sold and will be shipped out to her new home very soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The winner is............

*Drumroll*...................... the winner of my Blogiversary giveaway is............. MARILYN.
Congratulations Marilyn. I will post pics of your prize and Tara's birthday bash later on. Been a BUSY weekend. I will need to get your address Marilyn to post your prize out to you :)
Have a happy creative day everyone