Saturday, December 11, 2010

Show us your Christmas home

I'm linking up with Shabby Art Boutique's Show us your Christmas home.
We have a pretty modest home in the midst of renovations (yuk)so some of the backdrops are less than pretty but as the holidays are fast approaching the work will begin after all the festivities with painting, sanding floors, etc. But it doesn't stop us putting up the decorations and overlooking the background ;)

In our hallway Santa greets you at the entrance next to a table covered with decorations.

Grin Chinnigan (a Katherines Collection elf) has been moved back to his usual spot near the front door. I have put him under the tree each year since I had him but this year a certain little lady just will not leave him alone...she talks to him, wipes her vegemite covered hands on him, sits on I thought it safer (and cleaner) for Grin to be put back in his usual spot. She hasn't annoyed him since.

I fell in love with this big elf as soon as I saw him at Gails Patchwork Emporium and HAD to bring him home. When I did bring him home Kayla said "OH he's the ugliest thing I've ever seen!" I thought he was just gorgeous. As much as Kayla dislikes him it was her who came up with his name 'Grin Chinnigan' I think its a great name for this smiling Christmassy elf and I love him. He stays out all year long and when I pass from this world he's getting left to Kayla in my will! hehehe'll be stuck with him ;) You better give him a good home!

I tend to stick to just the one room for our main decorating. I dont bother with the kids rooms at all because they are so messy its hardly worth adding more stuff in there;) I regularly just shut the door on their rooms......

The Christmas tree is a 6 footer I've had for about 15 years. Its in the dining room where the majority of the decorating is. This is the first year the tree has been really full with decorations! My mum gave me a whole box full of decorations this year and I got rid of all the old broken and sad looking ones we had.

All except this poor little angel that is. Kayla made this when she was only 5 years old in kinder. She's lost a wing and her halo is broken. I was going to put her aside in the keepsake box but Kayla hung her on the tree again this she has every year since she made it.

A pretty angel sits at the top of the tree.

The mantle piece...........

and dining table. The table cloths are kind of a waste with 6 kids....they're in the wash more often than on the table!

The little houses hold tea lights and look so pretty when lit when it's darker

Bit hard to see the garland I made in this pic. Clicking on it might give you a better view.

A few more decorations scattered around here and there. I still have more items in the shed. I've been bringing in a few extra at a time each day.

The kids have been having fun showing Danae all the moving singing figures. Still a few more of those too to bring in and put batteries in.

This little elf is another that stays out all year

I'm off to look at some more of the decorating linked up to Kerry's blog. I haven't forgot my recipe I was going to share either. Haven't had a chance to make them the past couple of days but this afternoon the mini plum puddings are being made and I'll share later tonight.


teresa said...

Wow Shelley your home looks amazing. You know what my absolute favourite decoration is though... Kayla's angel!!! It's right where it should be xx Beautiful pics as always!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Shelley your home looks so gorgeous and inviting!! I love your Xmas decorations - and think it is wonderful that you keep a few out all year long - some things are just way too pretty to pack away in boxes!!! I had a giggle about Kayla and Master Chinnigan!!! Is he more of a Marmite man? (English equivalent to vegemite!!!!) Thank you for sharing! Your blog is looking really gorgeous, btw!!!

Hugs sweetie! Vikki xoxoxo

Simone de Klerk said...

Such a lovely place to be for Christmas!!!

BubzRugz said...

Everything looks fantastic... (I haven't even taken mine out the cupboard yet) I have to say Grin looks such a character.... you have a wonderful collection and I loved seeing them...

Char said...

Your decorations are just so pretty and very festive. I could visit and stay for hours, Char

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Shelley,
Thanks for linking to the 'Show us your Christmas home' at Simply Christmas. Your link wasn't right so I've added you to Mr Linky again, so visitors can get to you.

Your home looks gorgeous and very festive. It can be hard decorating with such little ones around, so you have done a wonderful job. Thanks for the tour.
Festive hugs,

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

All looks gorgeous! Gails....Thats in Sebastapool?...I am sure mY quilter made sister ahs spoken of it! I will have to drop in for a look...


Just lovely!!! It sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :))

ArtfulLee Designed said...

You decorations look fabulous. I have a few of those decorations that the kids made and love having them on the tree and your Angel is just gorgeous, I had one like that on our tree when I was young.