Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas

I'm sure that the title of this post has been used a LOT lately! It sure has crept up fast. Can't believe tomorrow is the first of December!!!!!
We've been getting into the holiday spirit at home (well the kids have...me.. I'm just stressing out at all I have to do before the big day!)
I will get it done though...I'm just a Virgo stress head and if there's something to worry about I will!
The tree has been unpacked and decorated and Mr Grin Chinnigan, my elfy friend, has taken his usual position next to our tree again to keep a watchful eye on the kids and report back to Santa on who has been naughty or nice. The way the three teens have been treating each other this past week they're liable to get a lump of coal from the jolly fat man this year.
Now that Grin is keeping an eye on things they had better pull up!!

Danae loves all the decorations on the tree and Grin gets a regular 'hello' from her. She talks to him quite a bit and even tried sharing him her toast this morning!

Kayla and I made lots of yummy candy cane hearts this arvo to share that Kerryanne posted on her blog as part of her Simply Christmas sharings. Several of the candy canes were broken so I had to eat some..as did the kids. We also had to sample some before wrapping up to share just in case they didn't taste any good ;)

I made a second batch of lip balms also shown on Kerryanne's blog. The first lot are gone already from kids and family taking a pot to 'sample' so this lot is getting hidden and going into some stockings. Adding some decorations to the lids then they're done. I added some shea butter to Kerry's recipe and added rose and geranium essential oils...mmmmm it smells so good.

The kitchen has smelled very rosy for the past couple of days due to the oils and drying out of some roses for pot pourri that will be put into bags. We have heaps of old rose bushes in our garden and they smell divine!

I actually look forward to the time when the roses start to dry out and look like this!

That means I can bring them inside to depetal and dry out so I can enjoy their fragrance. I have to leave them on the bushes rather than cut and bring indoors as big beautiful flowers because our weirdo cat Pugsly loves to eat them! Leave them on the bush though and he doesn't touch them. He doesn't go for the pot pourri either so my dried roses have been loaded in this little bag I made today.

Plenty more roses out there so lots more bags to make and give for gifts. Might make some bottles of rosewater too.

Remember my little Christmas guys..Joe Jingles.. I showed that were just a head and body before my back went out? Danae has taken a shine to them too...she loves everything mummy makes. I can see what will happen to mine when it's finished. Joe won't stay near the tree like I planned. I'll have to keep my mums out of harms way.

They're starting to look more like dolls now. Working on their coats tonight when my little lady decides to go to bed. So far she has done her best not to go off!

The SSCS gift I posted has reached it destination so I can breathe a sigh of relief that it made it in time. Another gift is to go out tomorrow for another swap and this bag I made will be filled with a few wiccan gifties and I can cross another present off the list.

And more presents are being made with an idea dreamt up due to some bad luck Ebony had. My poor Ebony had bought herself a bracelet that had a pretty jewelled butterfly dangling from it. The butterfly broke off and she was upset cause she couldn't find the receipt to get it replaced. She had it two days before it broke! We looked everywhere and couldn't find it so rather than be a total loss I turned it into a book thong so she could still get some use from it.

So I went through my stash of beads and made a couple more. I have more beads and pretty danglies picked out to make a few more. Its a bit addictive with all the different bead colours and dangles that can be put on them.

They could be used as window decorations too.
I'm off to put the baby to bed ad hopefully will get some free time before my bed time to start embellishing the jackets for Joe one and Joe two.

till next time :)


Simone de Klerk said...

Such a lovely post, Shelley! Grin is adorable! How sweet of Danae to share her toast with him!
And Mr Joe and Mr Joe look oh so kind. They will certianly be a help, once they are finished.
Wish I could have a taste of those candies!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Gosh, you are a very busy lady!
Your Christmas decorations are gorgeous and so is Mr Grin.

Ohh, so many hand made gifts-just beautiful!
Enjoy the next 24 days in preparation for the Big day.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Oh Wow you have been really busy. I love all of your creations especially Mr Grin. Can't wait to see Jo Jingles finished with their coats on.


OMGosh ... I only wish I could get so much done! I am just amazed at all your creativity! Your tress looks lovely!!! I usually have my Christmas decorations up by now but this year I am a little slow... maybe today

Char said...

Hi Shelley, I am so happy you left a sweet comment on my blog because I thought I was already following you. Turns out I was wrong. That got corrected fast and I am now not going to miss a thing. You have so much talent and everything is so beautiful, that I don't know where to start. I love it all, Char

Candylei said...

Your dolls are CUTE! And the candy...yummy. Do you have any handmade dolls 5 inches or under because Stampington and Company is accepting dolls to publish in their magazines. Art Doll Quarterly and their other magazine Prims. Visit www.stampington.com
I'm sending some of mine and I wanted to let you know. Deadline is Dec. 15th

Chuck Workman said...
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Chuck Workman said...

I like Grin, and it's very cute that Danae talks to him...and a little creepy. I really like the book and the place holder idea. You're so crafty! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

June said...

Hi Shelley,
Christmas is getting off to a fine start at your house. How sweet of Danae to want to share her toast with her elf friend!