Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miss Violet Plum has moved in with us

I've been busy getting more items ready to list on ebay and I did promise to show you them earlier but my camera took a holiday for a few days (I could not find the damn thing anywhere!) and only just showed its head earlier this evening.

Made some more paper dolls but this one is already sold and has gone to a new home.

It was my birthday yesterday...yep I'm 21 (again) and with a few visitors dropping in to offload gifts (YAY) and looking at what I have been making...took some gifts back home with them. (Double YAY for some sales)

This dolly still needs a home though and a few more are still waiting on some finishing touches.

I also got some orders for more stockings :) and only have one new stocking to show you. Going to need to be a busy bee making more of them...and my sewing machine has decided to get sick so needs to go in to the sewing machine hospital for a tune up! I'm going to miss her. I hope her much much older sister...that I got for my original 21st gift will be nice to me when I pull her out of storage to take her place for a little while.

Remember the purple doll I was making that I thought I would probably keep all to myself? Well here she is.................
I've named her Miss Violet Plum!

I was so happy with how she turned out and hope her sister will turn out just as nice. I think she is my bestest creation yet. Kev says I'm getting "betterer" with each new doll I make.

this style actually takes a LOT of work but is so worth the end result I think.

It's hard to see all the little details on her but if you click on the pics you should get a larger image. She has bows and buttons and beads all over the place.

I think I'll get a pretty stand to put her on and she can live in my bedroom where her gorgeous plum coloured dress will match my walls.

I have so many new design ideas for fairies and elaborate dolls and have to put them on hold a little longer till my machine is out of hospital :(
I only just got my embroidery machine out of hospital and now she's passed on her illness.....grrr.
Wish her a speedy recovery so I can get back to some creative fun with her and fingers crossed the old girl will keep me out of trouble till then.


Kaelin said...


Simone de Klerk said...

Miss Violet Plum is an absolute beauty, with such a friendly expression!

moramargaritaster said...

Busy woman!!

Hope your machine come back soon.

Miss Violet is lovely and looks friendly, you must be very proud with her .

Happy late birthday,hope you had nice and amazing day.

Warm wishes and big hug

BubzRugz said...

Happy Birthday..... sounds like you had a wonderful day...
The dolls are looking lovely and great some have found new homes.....
Hope the machine is better soon - I hate it when 'precious' has to go away!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Happy 21st Birthday to you! LOL
You're dolls are fabulous, all with they're own special handmade detail!
Oh, where do you find the time with such a big family?
Happy creating & sales,

Dot said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day.

Your dolls are all so lovely.
Hope that machine of yours is well again very soon. ;o)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your dolls are lovely. I particularly like Miss Plum. You are a busy lady.

Joy McD said...

Such sweet dolls! Oh, I hope your machine gets better soon!!!

Time Worn Style said...

Happy 21st ~ I've had quite a few of those myself ;0)) Love your creations, so beautiful. thanks for popping over to visit my slice of blogland!
alicia :0)

Chuck Workman said...

Happy berfday! A mother of 6 at only you must be fertile :)

Joy McD said...

Oh... I tagged you .... but only join in if you feel like it :)