Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've become a Grandma! (and gothic arch challenge)

This is my entry for the gothic arch challenge. This weeks challenge was to use a matchbox and I had so many ideas for it. This is one idea I went with. I hid the matchbox within the folds of her skirt and filled it with flowers and a pretty butterfly.
Now to decide what I'll do with it....maybe stick it to the front of my journal?

I used the same image I used in the arch challenge to make this hanging wall art doll. I am currently working on more of these to list on ebay. All different colours and different styles. Depends on what the fabrics want to be made into. Some are screaming out to become a fairy, some a Victorian doll and others a more gothic style doll. These will be listed on the weekend along with the stockings and other dolls I am making. Its been one of those weeks and I've had too many distractions so my plan to list today has been put off for a couple more days so I can finish of what I've started and put up a decent amount for sale.

This doll is finished to be listed for sale........

Still working on this poor girl but at least she does have a pretty face now and she will get some arms later tonight :) Sorry the pics aren't the best but the house is so dark today I can't get decent photos of anything!

And this is another in the same style but I am loving the colours so much I think I might keep her for myself ;) Its my birthday on the weekend so it will be my birthday present to me. I can do that right?

I'll be putting up more pics over the next few days as I finish off the items I have for sale and as a special for my blog followers if you see something you want before I list it let me know and I'll offer free postage.

Now I bet you are all wondering which one of my kids made me a grandma! I can tell you now that I don't care how old I get I will never be called Grandma! The grandkids can call me Nanny Shell!

So which one of my too young to be making me a grandmother daughters (and who better not even be thinking about the stuff that leads to making babies) made me a grandma at the tender age of almost 36!


She brought home my first grandchild yesterday and named him Bobbin Hood! I have to admit he is a bit of a cutie.

Bobbin is part of a health project at school to teach the kids the joys of parenting and this $2500 (yikes) doll cries if its neck isn't supported properly, when cold, hungry etc and has put Kayla off wanting to make me a Nan any time soon. Phew....


BubzRugz said...

So clever - there seems no end to your talents.... Your dolls are beautiful.
Congrats on Nanna hood - looks so real - hard to believe the cost - and no baby bonus!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Thank goodness that's just a pretend baby. OMG, i would freak!
Your dolls are absolutely gorgeous and your "gothic art challenge" is very creative and pretty!
I'm not sure where you find the time with all those kids. Lol
PS: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Chuck Workman said...

I am very glad that it's just you and your wacky offspring playing with dolls. 36 is no where near Nan-hood!

Crafty Chookie said...

Wow...you had me thinking...I'm 36 and could not imagine being a grandma..Thank God it is only a pretend baby..LOL.
Love ya creative thinking..the dolls are ace..
Cheers to you... :-)

Joy McD said...

You had me wondering too!! This is one grandchild you can give back for good...:)
Love the dolls!

Bobbi said...

Hi, OMGoshhhh your dolls and your Gothic Arch Challenge are fantastic!

Netty said...

Wow your creations are fabulous. Especially love how you have used the matchbox. x

robynart said...

You're such a clever girl Shelley. You've put so much work into those dolls, just beautiful!!You had me in for a minute there, about the grandma bit, what a great idea though to teach parenting in schools. It may make some more careful in the choices they make. Happy week!! Robyn.

Elena said...

I panicked! I thought WHOA NO WAY - her kids are too young - NO WAY! And I want one of those $2500 dolls when my son becomes a teen. Great idea! And I'm a step grandma so I make them call me Nana...no way am I gonna be called grandma at 43 (hee hee talk about vain). Your creations my dear are BE-A-U-TI-FUL!!!

Uta said...

You will love being a grandma when the time is right. There is nothing quite like it :)

teresa said...

Man you had me going there for awhile!! Cute baby though ha ha... It's a fabulous idea, the girls at my sons highschool are doing this as well. I absolutely love your dolls and victorian ladies, but your entry for the Gothic Arch Challenge took my breath away. I ADORE her. You are so clever Shelley.. Keep up the great work!