Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doing my part for the environment

Had a busy and prouctive day today. I think the full moon energies have given me some extra get up and go :) Got a few finishes to add to Joys challenge for the month as well as getting some nice new finished pieces for my home.

Cleaning up and renovating our old country cottage has been and still is a big job and sometimes just plain UGH....but there have been times when cleaning up the yard has led to some awesome discoveries. Finding burried 'treasure' in all kinds of strange places in and around the house. We've found 'boys' treasures like an old push mower and tiller and almost impossible to find hub caps for classic cars, rabbit traps and some rather dangerous looking tools that makes you wonder if the previous owner was a Mr Fred Kruger! Then there have been loads of burried empty glass bottles. Old glass Coke bottles under the bramble bushes, small vintage style glass bottles, hundreds (NO exaggeration) of empty stubbies that Kevin donated to some home brewing friends who were wrapped to get a ute load of stubbies to fill once cleaned and sterilized. And there were also a few dozen of the glass bottles above that previously held some type of wine. Judging by the size and amount of those bottles I'm guessing it wasn't the finest variety of wine held inside ;) I thought there has to be something I can do with these bottles and brought them in months ago, rubbed and scrubbed them till they sparkled.....and then left them to collect dust in the dining room till I decided what to do with them.
Once I decided what I was going to do with them I left them for a while longer to be kicked by the kids every time they walked past as their eyes only work when facing dead ahead. It's not until you become an adult that your eyes can see in many directions ;)
So after days, weeks, months, I finally got sick of them in the way...of the kids...and printed out some labels on my new printer :)I got some free images from The Graphics Fairy and one from J.Raes and added a few bits of ribbon and lace and came up with these....................

this one holds bath salts and looks great in my shabby style bathroom...

This one is going into the studio and holds my white and cream buttons. I thought I had heaps of white buttons until I put them in the jar....it sure holds a lot of them.

I'm sure I'll find a use in the studio for these too...and my mum is sure to say oooh and score a couple too :) I still have plenty of bottles left to decorate.
So I have done my part to reduce, reuse and recycle with these gems. It has me thinking of more ways to recycle my glass bottles too. I need more containers for my studio for the hundreds of beads, buttons, bobbins and bits and bobs I have so some of my pasta sauce and stir fry jars, vegemite, jam and honey jars will be getting makeovers once empty too. Hmmm I wonder how many I can empty into one dish so I can start organising all my craft pieces in pretty decorated jars ;)

I also finished the quilting on my table runner I started a couple of years back. That bias decoration around the roses and celtic style design took WEEKS to stitch down. I've never done one using the bias before and am pretty pleased with how it came up. Unfortunately because I started it so long ago I lost the pattern sheet from the magazine I got it from so had to make up my own edging on it as best I could to match the picture. Also there wasn't enough of the original red fabric I had planned on using for the borders so rather than leave it sit unfished for even longer I used up a pink fabric I had that matched the inside of the roses but not too sure now whether I like it or not. It's growing on me and finally it is finished. Another to add to Joys Finishing Stitches and put on my table at long last.

I just did a stipple stitch all over..........

........and as today is mine and Kevs 8th wedding anniversary I was in a lovey reminiscing mood and quilted a heart design around the edges. I did it all free motion and free hand...next time I think I'll draw the design on first and quilt it haha

Speaking of our anniversary we are heading to Kryal Castle where we got married on Saturday for a romantic night stay along with dinner and a movie and kid free! Nan will be staying with the kids overnight babysitting...even though we have a nearly 18 year old who is old enough to be left alone to look after all her brothers and sisters we'd come home to a terrified mess of kids who were bullied by a gestapo sister so it's not worth the risk lol Leave her to babysit someone elses kids though and they have her wrapped around their fingers!!
I'll be sure to take my camera and take lots of pics of our castle stay to share with you all.


BubzRugz said...

What a great idea with the bottles - you will never have a storage problem again!!
I just love your table runner - the colours go so well..... and your quilting is great - I have not hand quilted so am full of admiration!!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... enjoy your romantic getaway... Hugz

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Oh, bit scary to think what went on in that house before you moved in!
Lurve the ideas for the old bottles {Karen is so generous with her great pictures}
Happy Anniversary to you and Kev, have a wonderfully, romantic night away!
Happy creating,

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely post, Shelley! Love what you did with those bottles! I love how you describe the many directions kids can't see.
You table runner is absolutely stunning. And such nice quilting! Love how you put the heart to it.
Have a wonderful weekend at the castle. What a lovely way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Elena said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! And have an awesome time in the castle. What beautiful bottles and great runner.

Abi said...

Congrats on the wedding anniversary!
Love love love the decorative bottles.

Chuck Workman said...

You're so creative! Mum Nature loves you X) Speaking as a hopeless drunk...and blogga chum...I wish we lived closer to each (like in the same hemisphere) so I could provide you with an endless source of empties. **Happy Anniv** If castle walls could talk....oh my

Joy McD said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a great night out...

Love the bottles!!! And love the tablerunner!!