Monday, August 30, 2010

Fairy tale weekend

You are invited to step through the gates into a medieval courtyard and share the romantic celebrations of 8 years of (mostly) 'happily ever after'

The handsome prince beckons forth the princess to enter the magical chamber behind the door

Just put the key in the lock and pull the handle

A table awaits with champagne and chocolates

And a romantic fairy tale bed that hides .........

a beautiful wash up area (you can see all the lights of Ballarat through the window)

Open up another door to a royal 'throne room' with luxuriously deep spa

The spa is almost ready and here you will have to excuse the prince and princess for a while as they soak in the warm bubbly waters don't need to see anymore for now ;)

After a relaxing soak the prince and princess dress and head out for a fun filled evening of dinner at the Atlantic Hotel followed by some ten pin bowling at which the princess sucked even with the bumpers still on ;) then off to the Regent and into the dark cinema for some gory entertainment watching Piranah. What Jaws did for the ocean Piranah has now done for lakes. I'll never step into another body of water unless its my bath tub again!
Then off to the Red Lion after the movie for a cappaccino and beer...the princess hates beer :P and then back to the castle for another bubbly spa and ........a little sleep.

A quick visit to the chapel where it all began 8 years ago...well where the marriage began....the story actually begins a couple of years prior to the wedding....but thats another tale :)

Do you think Lurch Addams would love this one??...I sure do!

Then it was back to reality with a quick trip to the nursery and a purchase of a weeping cherry tree for the front yard and a bite of lunch eaten at the laundry mat with a huge load of washing from a family of 8 that we loaded in the car with us before our get away. Washed, dried and back to home to a sick little boy and a baby girl who missed her mumma so much she didn't sleep well the night before and hasn't let me out of her sight since.
Just like Cinderella's fairy godmother tells her..."like all can't last forever"
Ahhhhhhhhhh it was lovely while it lasted :)


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Looks and sounds like you and Kev had a fabulous weekend until you hit your own driveway!
Ah, blissful children{where would we be without them}lol

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely time you have had! Thank you for sharing those pictures with us. Wow!
and how sweet, your baby girl having missed you so much and making sure you aren't leaving her at the moment.

Abi said...

Wow! what an amazing place!glad you had a good time :O)