Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is more fun than a shopping spree?

NOTHING!! I love shopping sprees :) Hubby's tax return finally went in and I was cashed up and ready to shop! First store on the agenda....Spotlight of course..and some fabric purchases. I just conveniently received a voucher in the mail for Spotlight to spend $100 in one transaction and receive $40 off. What cashed up self confessed fabric-o-holic could resist that? As you can see I couldn't... And Danae just NEEDED to have this panel made into a quilt for her and I just couldn't say no to my baby girl.

And some gorgeous co-ordinating fabrics. I love the crowns on the pink fabric...and the horse and carriage on the blue and the castle and the fanatasy element OH OK I just LOVE this fabric...Its way too sweet..and my little princess had to have it.

She also had to have some fairy fabric for a dress mummy plans on making for her too :)

I did get some nice Christmas fabrics for myself to be made into Christmas gifts. It is creeping up way too fast..and a few other fabric purchases that were just plain pretty. We got some new clothes and shoes for the kids and had lunch out. We bought a new printer cause someone...I wont say who...put some fabric through the old printer attached to some freezer paper to print on and got one pic out of it before it said paper jam and then just would not work anymore :s Even my I.T intelligent brother could not fix it and said a new printer was cheaper than a repair. I wonder if this new one will take fabric through it???? ;)

Creatively I have been working on trying to finish my BOM quilt to add to Joys challenge. I received the last block last August and just never finished with the quilting. It is getting there though but not sure if I will get it finished by the end of the month...I finished quilting a couple more blocks on Thursday put this last pic I want to post just wont upload..and my runner is ALMOST finished finally...that has been a couple of years in the making too. Just quilting it this afternoon and will post the finished piece later tonight. First off though house work calls....I am trying to ignoring the call but it's a little hard to when it's in your face!

Hope everyone is having a lovely productive weekend..or relaxing with the feet up.


BubzRugz said...

Great to see you enjoy the tax money!! I also got some of that pink crowns fabric - it is lovely. Your BOM is fantastic - looking forward to seeing it... Hugz
PS Housework will still be there tommorrow ..... haha

Dot said...

Gotta love those tax returns. We do just about the same things with ours. Still waiting though.

Those fabrics are gorgeous!

That quilt is beautiful! Did you hand stitch those applique's or use your machine? I'm starting to think I should use my machine a lot more. I think my body is telling me it's necessary. I just tend to prefer hand sewing.

Elena said...

Awesome work and great fun on the spending spree!

Sea Witch said...

Fabric is an addiction of mine too. I can spend a fortune in a textiles store and never think twice about it and never have a plan for it at the time of purchase. I just know that certain fibers inspire me and I must have them. Your quilt is lovely. Sea Witch

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Oh, yippee for you! Great buys*
Love those spotlight deals, however Don't you wonder how spotlight can manage such great deals?
Looks like you'll be busy until next January.
Happy creating,

rhianontaylor said...

Lucky lady!!! I'm jealous!!!

Simone de Klerk said...

You were able to get some lovely fabrics! Your daughter has a great taste, but my favorite is definitely the one with the sweet and elegant elves. So pretty!
Your BOM is looking very pretty!

Joy McD said...

I love that quilt! Hope you finish it soon!