Thursday, July 29, 2010

The way of the world

I've decided to share a little known fact with blog land....I write poetry. It was never a secret as such but I just don't share my poems with anyone other than my immediate family and my mum and brother. Whether it's good or not is another thing entirely but I have been looking since we moved(nearly 2 years ago!!) for a journal I filled with poetry and just can't find it anywhere!!! There was quite a lot of stuff I wrote in it, some for my husband, some stories for the I wrote for my grandfather when he passed away. Where is it????? I'm still has to be here SOMEWHERE. One poem in particular I was searching for was one of my favourites I had written and I was shattered I'd lost it because although I could remember some of it, it is impossible to re-write a piece the same way again. I don't know what it is but it has a lot to do with the timing and feelings at the time for it to come out, and recreating that same moment, same thoughts and feelings is just impossible! So I keep searching for them and hoping they will show up.

This afternoon I was in my shed/studio going through my stash of UFO's to try and finish a few more for Joys challenge..only a few more days left of the month to go so trying for more. (For my Zombie Gunslinging mate UFO's in craft world are more to do with the Un Finished Objects than the alien variety)
Unfortunately one I was going strong on I ran out of thread and it has been near impossible to get more. I have been on ebay, oztion, 3 different online stores, finally found the thread I needed on one site, then ordered it, only to receive an email the next day saying it was out of stock sorry! ARGHHH. I found ONE shop in Ballarat that stocks the thread but they were out of the one I needed and are waiting for new stock which will take a couple of weeks
:( So I wont be able to finish that one for the challenge but I will get it done once I get the call to say the thread is in!
Anyway I've gotten off track a bit. As I was searching through my UFO's I found a folder I opened to see what was in it and I found the poem I was looking for!!!! Still not my journal but it is one of my favourites. So then I was wondering what I should do with my new found piece of prose ;) There's always the risk of having someone rip off your ideas and stories when publishing online but having it sitting in a draw hidden where no one will ever read it is no good either. So I decided to share with my blog friends first and hope no wanderer just drops in and steals it for his/her own.... AND then I have the added bonus of having a copy so if I ever lose it again I can find it in my blog posts!

SO after my long winded introduction lol (hope you think it's worthy of such a long intro)...its a long poem too so you may need to grab a potty break before you is one of my poems entitled
The Way of the World

Sometimes the world can seem so unfair
We think 'Why should we bother?'
'Why should we care?'
With abandoned children, unwanted lives
Drunken husbands who beat their wives
Young lives taken when barely begun
While others grow old, who should be hung
Families separated, bigamy, divorce
People drifting, falling off course
Alcohol abuse, murderers, rapes, drugs
Chemical warfare, viruses, A.I.D.S, bugs
Senseless killings, violence we see all the time
Muggings, abuse, victims of crime
Hunger, poverty, disease, people dying
Babies and children, starving, crying
Suicide, deaths, missing persons, all lost
People who hurt, no matter the cost
Animals and plants, the destruction of Earth
People who can't find their sense of self worth
Abortions, politics, religion, start fights
People doing evil, stalking at nights
Prostitution, drug runners, hitting the street
People who cant seem to get on their feet
Robberies, riots, gangs, hold ups
Tiny kittens drowned, unwanted pups
Testings on animals and laboratory rats
Chemicals in foods, cholesterol and fats
People starving for glamour and vanity
Wasting away, madness, insanity
People working to make ends meet
Homeless people, alone on the street
Elderly in homes waiting to die
Abused children who just wonder why
Uncontrolled tempers, hate flaring
People bullying, teasing, so uncaring
Rich people living without worry or care
While others are struggling seems so unfair
Devil worshipping, sects, the cult
People who criticise, put down, fault
Molesterers, monsters, harming babies
Head lice, school sores, flu, scabies
Earthquakes, volcanoes, windstorms, flood
Evil corruption, shedding of blood
Trainhopping, graffiti, all on a dare
People who really should learn how to share
Possesions, wanting, lusting and greed
People who never learned how to read
Tornadoes destroying, famine and drought
Hurt, pain, suffering and doubt
Tears, sadness, loss, wailing
Kids skipping school, wagging, failing
People seeking fortune and fame
Others wandering, can't remember their name
Guns, poachers, shooters, killing for fun
People who don't realise just what they have done
Car wreaks, speeding, swearing, road rage
Hatred has flared since the dawn of the age
The World can be so cruel and dark
But all is not lost, just look for the spark
Of light, happiness, trust, love
Radiant feelings sent from above
Children, babies, innocent and sweet
People helping others they don't even meet
Loving, caring, helping a friend
People building bridges, learning to mend
Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring
Beautiful voices that learn how to sing
Flowers, rainbows, colours, hues
Wonderful people, spreading good news
Meeting new people who can change your life
Couples getting married, husband amd wife
Babies being born, their whole life ahead
Sleeping soundly, being tucked into bed
The joy a child brings is unlike any other
The greatest gift of all is being a mother
Nature, trees, flowers, bird
People speaking, being heard
The love of your partner growing deeper with years
Sharing joy, happiness, sadness and tears
A 'hello', a wave, a friendly smile
Doesn't take much effort but is so worthwhile
A loving touch, a warm embrace
A wonderful person, a friendly face
Seeing people happy does the heart good
Giving hugs, more people should
Kindness, caring, a wonderful feeling
Gentle hands, helping, healing
Memories of loved ones, good women and men
Remember one day we will all meet again
Friendship, wonder, caring and hope
All of these things help people to cope
Cherish, honour, nurture, dream
Things can be better if we work as a team
Respect, truth, honesty, love grows
If nurtured it can bloom into a beautiful rose
The gift of life is a wonderful treasure
Caring for others can be such a pleasure
If we all have love for our fellow man
The world can be wonderful, it truely can


Sheila Rumney said...

Life is so much better with love. Enjoyed your poem.

On swaps, the best thing I can tell you is start following blogs that you love their style, and even flickr. They will normally have swap banners on their side bar, click on them and they should have them linked to the hostess hosting the swap. I know Halloween is a big time for swaps. You might visit for her Sweet and Sinisters Swap.

Hope that helps.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Wonderful poetry! I'm sooo glad you found this poem-Thank you for sharing.

I know how you feel about blogging some new, great idea. I've been a bit reserved myself.
Happy creating weekend,

BubzRugz said...

Hi Shelley, Thanks for sharing the poem - it certainly evokes emotions - firstly quite sad and then optimistic.... well done and all the best for finding the journal.... Hugz

Dot said...

Oh so beautiful! You are amazing. :o)

robynart said...

Enjoyed your poem, very beautiful. You must write a book Shelley with talent like that...very special. Keep on creating hugs Robyn

Chuck Workman said...

That was lovely. Good find! Thanks for the nod. Your blogga reservations are a very valid concern. I thought the same thing when I started having seen the faithful fan following of about 6 I'm no longer so worried my stuff will get stolen :) I would almost take it as a compliment that someone is impressed enough to steal it...then their hand would pop out their bum hole :S

sandiart said...

Hello, found you via Bingle Bears, LOVE this poem, all so true, Love is the all time healer of everything, it leads to respect, compassiom, tolerence, self worth etc. Thank you for sharing.
Had a giggle at Chuck's post above.
Sandi (a fellow aussie)

Joy McD said...

Hey Shelley! Guess what?! You won!!! Head over to my blog and see :)



teresa said...

Loved your poem Shelley! I'm so glad I checked on you and got to read it. I really hope you find your journal.. especially if you can write like this... It must be full of other wonderful poems. Keep looking! Loved Chucks comment too (had a giggle) and congratulations on your win! Way to go xx

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Shelley,
You are a GEM! I've been trying to figure this for some time now, {oh dir} how easy once your told.
I owe you one honey!
Happy creating,