Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ghost in the machines

I should have posted these pictures nearly a week ago but better late than never I guess ;) I wanted to add some creative works today BUT.... I was doing some embroideries on the machine and then it decided it wouldn't work any more without telling me to check if the upper or lower thread is cut....the threads weren't broken but the machine kept telling me they were!?! Then I thought I would work on the next Daisy Do pattern instead from Jenny but my printer keeps saying it has a paper jam...though there is no paper in it! My machines are going nutz and driving me crazy in the process.
So anyways....last Saturday we loaded the car up with 8 bodies and headed to Warnambool for the day taking in the sites and breathing in some ocean air.
We stopped off a Lismore first to get some buns at the bakery for later in the day and there just so happened to be a craft shop a few doors up that was open that I could not head back to the car without checking out.

I got this gorgeous little toadstool house. The top flips open to hide little treasures inside but I thought it was perfect for my needles...instead of sticking them in the arm of the couch. I also got this fabulous felted note book cover. I REALLY have to learn how to do this myself. I can see that felt on a woodland elfs cloak.

Then it was back into the car for the remainder of the drive through to Warnambool.

Nothing like the sight of the ocean to clear away the cobwebs. The sound of the waves the smell of the salty air....ahhhhh I love it. Every time we go to the beach I come home feeling recharged and wishing we lived beach front. Need to rob a bank for that to happen though!

We took off to the biggest kids heaven in Warnambool..Lake Petobe.. and let the kids run amok. Cade was first on the slide...always his favourite...the slides just got bigger and bigger for him. No fear!!

Danae even had her first slide...with daddy...she didn't like it though :(

She did like this though.................

We actually had a hard time getting her off...she cracked a wobbly when we had to move on!

She soon found something else to play on and big sister Ebony helped her. One little boy come over and he was asked not to go fast cause there was a baby on board.

He was really good and as she started attracting a crowd he took charge telling everyone they had to be slow cause there was a baby on. They were funny...all looking out for little Miss D and kept it going slow till she got sick of it.
Then they were at Kevin to make it go SUPER fast once she was off. He happily obliged :)

Surrounded by a whole fun land for kids and a beautiful lake with birds galore skimming the waters of the lake isn't for everyone though........

Teenagers.......she's always plugged into or tapping away on something technological.

We moved on to the flying fox and everyone had a go except me and Tara. I had to keep bubby out of harms way and Tara was just Tara and not interested in getting on.

So while everyone was flying through the air Danae and I went for a toddle. A magpie caught her attention and she tried her hardest to catch it.

The maggie soon realised she was no threat and ran around happily with Danae in tow for about 5 minutes until it got bored and flew off.

I took some photos of the magpies just for my Zombie friend :) We were emailing about maggies not long ago...dont ask me how we got onto that subject?! Anyway American magpies seem to be different from ours...apparently they screech! I love the song of our magpies and often fall to sleep late at night hearing them outside our bedroom window....they like singing wee hours of the morning around here!

Danae got one last swing from her big sister before we decided we would head was SO cold..... oldest and my youngest *love*

The kids the middle of Winter...that ice-cream would be we left the park after some stunt rolls down the hill and headed to the ice creamery.

Danae loved that part too.......

Then we loaded into the warm car and drove up the road to the beach to try and spot some whales from the whale veiwing deck! I couldn't see any :( Neither could all the other people who had gathered there for a glimpse.

Every year between July and September the whales use these waters to birth their calves and teach them to swim before heading out to deeper waters. This day they were not photogenic and stayed hidden somewhere beneath the did the mermaids. I didn't see any of them either.

We did head down to the shore and collected some small shells that I am going to put to good use on a mermaid doll though :)

It was starting to get late in the day by now...and really cold...those booger icicles were starting to form on little we headed back to the warmth of the car and headed over to visit my sister-in-laws mum at her farm. She had seen my facebook status saying we were heading to Warnambool so she rang in the morning before we left and asked if we wanted to visit.

A couple of little peoples were plum worn out and slept on the ride over. (wish I could sleep like that!)
We had a nice visit with Lyn and she cooked us a yummy chocolate cake we shared with a nice hot cup of coffee to thaw out a bit. I love the beach any weather but it is much more user friendly when its hot!
It was so nice to get out for the day and recharge the batteries. Lots more ideas in the head for dollies and quilts I want to design and make. Gave the gypsy genes a slight fix but I'm already thinking about where we might go next. I'm so looking forward to the longer warmer days that are coming up fast....not much Winter left for this year. Only several weeks to go...I'm counting down :)


Joy McD said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day!!! I wish my kids weren't too old for playgrounds like that.. oh well :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Oh, what a lovely cold day out you had.
Nice to see you're all rugged up and out and about.
We were at a friends farm helping out with fencing. I'm told we are back there this weekend. Brrhh!

Candylei said...

You have been busy! I love the toadstool house! In all of your pictures it looks so green. It's getting dry here. Doesn't the beach look fun!

someplace in thyme said...

That looks like it was the greatest day together just hanging out and having fun. I love to whale watch, they are so magical. Collecting shells is a past time that I think we all still enjoy today. I look forward to seeing some projects done with the felting. Your book cover is colorful and beautiful too. Your family is the best, Char

Kathy said...

I found you blog hopping...your "cheeky one" just stole a piece of my heart. What a cutie. I am following you and can't wait to see more of your blog. Your design is right up my alley!
Nice to meet you.

Simone de Klerk said...

A beautiful post, Shelley! It looks like you had a great day!!!
I am making two baby quilts with the fabrics you used for you darling quilt (previuous post). I love the border you made!
And the toadstool is too cute. Lucky You! xo