Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My special day

I promised my lovely Scottish friend Rhianon that I would do a post about the dress on the dress makers dummy in my room and have had a hard tme uploading photos. Finally some have uploaded so here it is :)
This is the dress I wore on my wedding day to marry my Prince(mostly)Charming.
We got married at Kryal Castle and had a medieval themed wedding.
At the time we were to be married the hiring price of a wedding dress was usually $1200 but beacuse it was off season they were going to do it for $600 for me. WAY too expensive I thought...just to hire! I couldn't even keep the dress. So mum and I went shopping for a pattern and fabrics and trims and for just under $300 I made myself a dress I could keep!I made the bridesmaid dresses as well and my beautiful sister in law who married my little brother was my matron of honor and my friend Emma who I met in kinder was my bridesmaid. My 3 little princess Tara kayla and Ebony were my flower girls. Little Ethan was my page boy. We hired his and the guys costumes. They were no where near as dear as the dress for the 4 of them together!

I made the cushion the rings were held on but never got photos of that.

Sorry about the quality of some of these photos...I scrap booked them and my printer is out of action at the moment so couldn't scan the images...but it gives you an idea
We were paraded through the castle to the music of bagpipes with our own Yeoman of the Gaurd inlead.
We were married in the beautiful little chapel inside the caslte and had a small party with just close friends and family. lots of pics but too many to show on here ;)
After the ceremony we had fun playing in costume and having photos taken around the castle grounds.

I made our wedding cake as well which didn't last long once cut!
Our wedding breakfast was presented to us in flames...(not burnt lol)and everyone danced the night away while the groom got smashed from one too many tequillas and ended the party early! He was ready for some more partying at 4 in the morning though after everyone had gone home and he had slept some of it off! All the bride wanted at that point was sleep though.

We stayed in a beautiful room at the castle with a medieval 4 poster bed and tapestries on the wall. It was all so magical and as Harry Potter was popular at the time and one of Tara's obsessions the girls were excited to be inside a real "Hogwarts" and ate a medieval banquet and partied on. Kev and I got the night and room to ourselves as the kids went home with nanny but we still are yet to have our own day

My dress had been in hiding at the bottom of my blanket box till Tara wore it a few weeks ago to her school masqurade ball and I washed and dried it afterwards and just didn't want to hide it away again. So I put it on the dress makers dummy and it resides in my bedroom where I can see it and be reminded of my magical day, 8 years ago next month.
We have our arguements like all couples....some have been doozies!!....but we still love each other and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else....(except Stallone or Jon Bon Jovi maybe ;)...) Kev will always be my long haired rebel Prince Charming. He's the love of my life..............


BubzRugz said...

The dress is lovely Shelley and fits with the whole theme of your wedding... I think it's great you have now found a home for it where it can be seen.... enjoyed your blog today... thanks... Hugz

Chuck Workman said...

That is quite the get up! Kudos to you for having the gumption to have a fantasy/medieval themed wedding. Awww look at the happy couple and their family. I hadn't noticed till now that your kids all have the same cheekbones - I don't know why that suddenly struck me, it just did.

And I love the new look of the blog and the thoughts of meandering the globe in a gypsy caravan/wagon. The gnomes of my fantasy world Schiehallion are renowned for their colorful caravans.

Elena said...

AHHHH I'm sitting here with a huge grin of your absolutely fantastic magical day. Beautiful dress oh creative one. I just adore the medieval and one day hope to walk through a castle. Thanks for sharing these wonderful things. said...

What a memorable and unique ceremony!

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely post, Shelley! And such a romantic wedding. I have never seen anything like this!
And you are so right with your last words. I feel the same with my DH!

moramargaritaster said...

Wow,lovely post!
Such a magical,great and romantic wedding!

rhianontaylor said...

Thanks Shelley for your latest blog. Your poem blew me away! I could never write anything like that - just another of your many talents! Your wedding dress is beautiful..... and what a lovely idea to have it displayed on your dressmakers dummy. Chuck is right about you and your girls having fantastic cheekbones - I'm sure I've told you that before! Thanks for posting your wedding photos too!