Monday, July 26, 2010

Time for a change

Yes I have a new look! I got sick of the old one. It's a girls prerogative to change her mind isn't it? We all need a change at times. Since I couldn't give myself the makeover I wanted today I decided to give my blog a makeover instead. Doesn't she look beautiful?
I was looking through many sites with free designs. My favourite for blog templates is Cute and Cool Blogstuff but I also came across one I hadn't seen before Old Photo Album Some real eye candy on this site. I am in love with anything vintage/victorian and drooled and oohed and aaahed over so many of the photos. I had planned on blogging about the dress I had shown in my last posting for Rhianon but then I came across this on the Old Photo Album blog...........

and she spoke to me.(so next post will be about my dress Rhianon) I fell in love with her image. She has the most gorgeous face. Just like the lovely actresses from the 30's and 40's with their natural beauty. No heavy make up and cosmetic surgery. Just true radiating beauty. She looks so at peace with herself. She spoke to my inner gypsy. Although I am usually content to be a homebody my inner gypsy has been screaming at me, feeling stifled. I NEED to travel like I need to breathe lately but where do you go when funds are limited, children have schooling, husband has a job? How hard would it be to sell up everything and travel the world living a gypsy life. Travelling to exotic places. Visiting ancient magickal sites full of pagan vibes.

How glorious it would be to live in a gypsy caravan like this one. Travelling the globe. Wearing flowing layered skirts(wait.. I already do that one)Home schooling the children. Selling my art and crafts and doing readings to fund our travels. Gazing into my crystal ball to tell others their fortune (yes I do have a crystal ball)Living one big adventure. Meeting some of the wonderful online friends I've made. Logging in at the nearest internet cafe to share my adventures with friends. Travelling to the one place in the world I dream of the most...Scotland. Visiting the highlands, my love of celtic lore witnessed first hand...and just a hop skip and a jump away visiting Stonehenge (every pagan's dream)
I don't know what it it my age? my inactivity? I don't know.. but I need to find myself and connect with the world. Not the world as a fast paced society but the planet, the earth mother. Her seasons and cycles. To follow the breeze and breathe in the ocean air. Drift to sleep to the sound of crashing waves and dolphin song. To be free like a bird, soaring to new heights, no physical ties to keep you in one place any longer than you wish to be. Debt free, carefree, stress free.... Free!

Free to follow your heart. To follow the land. To walk down the path of life with no destination other than where you are right now, at this very moment. To sleep beneath the moon and the stars in mother natures embrace. To be near the ones you love.
How do I make this dream my reality? How do I answer the call from deep within my soul that is screaming to be let out and be free?


Elena said...

You weren't kidding that your post falls right in line with mine today. I thought I was the only one yearning for the gypsy life, to be free and connect. Beautiful post! Is the painting one of yours?

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Love the look of your updated blogspot!
Oh and your curvy signature looks fantastic.
Happy creating Gypsy,

Crafty Chookie said...

Your blog looks fantastic.. I want to change the look of mine blog but not sure where to start.. I'm always up for a change.. :-)
Love the caravan.. It reminds me of The Wizard of Oz..
XX Michelle XX

Sew Useful Designs said...

I really love that final painting Shelley, I have an affinity with the moon that I'm yet to understand! Also - LOVE your post with your wedding pics - thank you so much for sharing! Freedom... a wonderful, exciting, liberating thing... which I can only find in my imagination!!! I really really love my imagination!!! LOL Hugs sweetie!! Vikki xx