Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Car proof roos and other tales

Its been a bit longer than I intended between postings so you may want to pull up a comfy chair and a cuppa and some tim tams...or a six pack and nuts whatever you prefer...as I have heaps to show and tell. The way my last week has been the six pack..or 2..would have been my choice of beverage to put me into a state of pleasant oblivion and knocked me out to wake up in new stress free week ;)

So where to begin.........
Monday was rather a pleasant day with kids back at school and some relative peace and quiet with just 2 remaining home. I received this gorgeous little collar box in the mail that I bought from Robyn on ebay. She does the most beautiful folk art paintings and shows them off on her blog.

Just look at the cute little face on teddy :)

It's now sitting on top of the tall boy in my bedroom showing off some of my prized littlies.
Tuesday flew by finishing up some sewing and reading. Tuesday always seems to go by fast as Wednesday is the dreaded shopping day! Never a day I look forward to each week but it's a necessary evil.
So Wednesday started out with ringing the bank before I head to town to find out we'd been short changed in hubbys pay due to sick days he wasn't paid for!!!! Grrrr
After rearranging the budget for the week I head to town driving along on our merry way listening to Bon Jovi *sigh* cranked up in the car. About 15 minutes from town
we see a kangaroo hopping casually across the road up ahead of us. I say to Cade "look at the kangaroo" he's all excited and watching it through his vantage point in the back seat. The kangaroo makes it to the opposite side of the road a huge truck is coming toward it and instead of it hopping off into the scrub it comes back across the road in front of us!
I had nowhere to go so took the foot off the accelerator waitng for the impact. Poor Skippy was hit hard and I watched the poor thing as I was slowing down to pull over in the rear view twitching on the side of the road.....
at least that's what I thought it was doing. It was actually getting back up and it hopped off into the scrub!!! I pulled over to check out the damage and the driving light was smashed up and pushed back towards the grill! Danae was crying so I hopped back in without closer inspection and drove the rest of the way to town.
Try to ring hubby to tell him what happened...no answer...that figures. ALWAYS the way when its important.
I make it to town and do groceries still calling and getting no answer from Kev in the meantime. As I'm packing groceries away in the trolley my necklace chain catches in the trolley and as I stand back up it is ripped from my neck. My most favourite piece of jewellery I wear ALL the time and the chain is broken and the pendant was squashed on one side :(
Kev finally rings me at lunch time and I tell him what happened and of course he wants me to drive to his work so he can look over the car. She wasn't handling right either by this stage.
So he checks her over and the headlight is broken too which I didn't notice and the grill was pushed in behind the driving lights. He checked out the tyre on the side that hit Skippy and there is a big nail or tack in it causing it to deflate! So off to the tyre shop for a repair instead of heading to my SIL's for a nice cuppa and chat!
Got home without more incident and unpacked groceries with Miss D screaming and sobbing everytime I went back out to the car to bring in another load.
Once I was unpacked I made a much needed cup of coffee and sat to check my emails just as the bus pulls up dropping Ethan home. He walks in the door and says "mum a kid pushed me over at school and my chin hit my knee and it chipped my tooth!"
It was his front tooth AND it's an adult one. By this time I just put my head in my hands and shook my head! What a day!
I was so glad to get into bed later that night knowing I would be waking up to a new day!
Kev did manage to fix some of the car up. He got the grill straightened but still need new driving lights.........

and my headlight is taped up with insulation tape till I get a new one!

luckily I drive one of these......

and not one of these...........

or the damage could have been worse!

The rest of the week was uneventful thank the Gods although I woke up with pain on Thursday that still hasn't left. I suffer from fibro myalgia and live in pain every day...it's just the severity of it that changes...the pain is never gone. But it's just a part of life and I put up with it and dont let it stop me doing what I want to do but this past week the pain has been in all my joints and my hands have been the worse. So when I couldn't put together a new version of Lynda Laydie Bird I had all stuffed and awaiting the joining process that night I burst into tears feeling sorry for myself and wondering why I have to live with this damn pain daily.

I did eventually get her done late Friday night. Longest time It's taken me to put a body together that was almost done anyway!
I think she looks good in the red instead of the pink I originally did her in and I gave her a more fluffy tutu. My original pink Lynda has been sold and has a new home along with a Danae doll.

So Friday saw me get up late..I deserved a sleep in...with my babies sleeping in too :) and still in pain. Then I had to drive to the shop and collect the mail that wouldn't fit in the letter box. I get home and unwrap a large parcel to find this inside.
My jaw dropped and I oohed and ahhed. It was sent to me from my beautiful Scottish friend Rhianon as an early birthday gift. It made my day and lifted the spirits as I was feeling pretty sorry for myself that morning.

It now takes pride of place at the end of the bed where little hands can't dirty it and its the perfect size to throw over when an extra blanket is needed....and it's the PERFECT colour. I love purple and it matches our room beautifully. (just overlook that floor...it's going to be white washed when the weather is warmer)

I did get to finish the stitchery I was inspired to pick up with Joy's challenge. It only took about 8 years to finish haha. Feels great to be done. I just hope it doesn't take Kev 8 years to make a frame for it. Might be easier to go op shopping looking for an old rustic style frame.

I'm now inspired to get more finished before the month ends...just how much I can actually get finished will depend on my hands....just typing here is making them ache worse. I will do my best though.
This stitchery was started around the same time as the one I just finished (tut tut)
The pattern uses the stitchery in a large cushion in redwork but I'm doing it in a verigated threadworks thread in shabby pink colours. I think I'll make it into a wall hanging for Danae when it's finished.

I love the colours in the thread. So does Danae...she keeps trying to run off with my length of thread. You might have to click on the pics to enlarge to see properly.

I'm also trying to get a quilt I started a couple of years ago finished for the challenge. It was a block of the month that finished last August adn all the blocks are done but and 2 thirds quilted. Still need to add the borders too. I cant put up any more photos though. My computer has slowed right down and wont let me!

And last but not least.....I was also SUPER luck enough to win a prize in TWO blog giveaways.

This card featuring the art work of the talented Anne at El Milagro Studios. I love her art and this will be the first in my collection ;) Might frame it and stick in my sewing room.

and these beautiful sun catchers arrived in the mail today. I thought I had won one not TWO (yippee) and they came all wrapped up pretty in a scented box. They were sent to me from Renae at My Little Raggedy Blessings I know just where the purple one is going to be hung ;)

Well I hope you all enjoyed the cuppa or grog ;) and I must be off to bathe the kids and get back into some stitching if my hands will hold up to it or curl up with a book in my nice warm bed....snuggled up in my beautiful blankie from Rhianon
till next time take care


robynart said...

Hi Shelley, what an interesting post. Main thing is you were all ok after the skippy incident, cars can be mended easily. Love your Linda Laydie Bird, she is just gorgeous, you're very clever. Was good timing you received all those lovely things after the bad day you had. Thanks for showing my collar box, it looks good with your prized littlies in it. Sorry you're struggling with the pain, I have some osteoarthritis in my hands too that slows me down, especially in the winter it's worse, but I'm not gonna let it stop me from my creating!Love the stitcheries too, hope the pain goes away soon, xx Robyn

rhianontaylor said...

Excellent blog Shelley.much appreciated because I know how sore your hands are just now. Afghan looks fab in your bedroom but i have to say I am really curious about the purple dress in the background. Your wedding dress perhaps ?? Would love to see proper photo and hear story behind it --please, when your hands are not so bad. Lynda Laydie Bird is great. I love her hair - she's a right cheeky wee character!!!!

Chuck Workman said...

(super big hug) Sorry about...well...everything. When it rains, it pours. Kudos to you for keeping up on the stitching even when your poor hands and whatnot are hurting - I hate getting chronic pains in the whatnot ;) Thank the world for good friends! Rhianon has about the coolest name ever, btw! I wish I had the money to send you a present but the wife and I are saving all our pennies for the down payment on a new house...eventually.

Joy McD said...

Wow! You've had a lot on.. ((hugs)). Well done for finishing the stitchery. I shall pinch your photo and put it on my blog later in the week :)

someplace in thyme said...

Wow, you are a busy woman and now I think I may need a nap. I wanted to thankyou so much for the kind words you left on my blog. I love the stitchery you did and so happy you were able to finish it. Rest up and be safe, Char


Love you blog :) but I think I would rather drive the little clown car :))