Saturday, July 10, 2010

From the blues to burgundy (roses)

Woke up feeling blah this morning and had one of those leave me alone and let me wallow in my self pity mornings! Couldn't be bothered doing anything and vegged on the couch with the computer in front of me and couldn't be bothered with that either so by mid afternoon I thought I have to get up and snap out of this. I don't want to waste the day so I headed outside with my little basket and a pair of scissors and collected some of the shrivelling roses on my bush. A few of the geraniums had flowers blossoming as well so I picked some of them too to add to my basket of flowers.

I added some of the empty stem buds to the mix and brought them all inside to make a small batch of potpourri. I plucked off all the petals and left them on the bench to dry out a little. They smelt so good!
After they dried out a bit I addded some dried herbs from my herb draw. Some lavender, hibiscus and a bit of dried rose and mixed it all together. Mmmmmm the smell is heavenly. I dug out an old crystal bowl container that I knew was hiding in the shed (minus the lid) and filled it with my concoction and a few pine cones.

Then I took my bowl of prettiness into the bathroom and lit some candles and ran a bath to soak away my blues in the glorious scent. Laying back in the bath, soaking in the warm water and listening to the magpies warble outside the bathroom window. All my cares were forgotten and sheer bliss...then about 60 seconds later (no joke it was no more than 60 seconds) Cade knocked on the door saying "mum I need to pee."

So my quiet blissful bath was short lived as he came in for a pee and then proceeded to strip off and jump in with me. He liked having a "candle" bath too. We NEED a second toilet!

So after bathing him and his baby sister I got out and decided to work on a stitchery I started......about 5 years ago. Could be longer than that I dont remember. I do remember thinking it would make a lovely stitchery to hang on the wall of our new home. Since then we have sold that house and moved into our current home and we have been her nearly 3 years. Oh my!!! How bad is that!
I didn't just suddenly feel the need to finish it though. I have joined up a challenge with other bloggers at Joys Quilts to get at least one UFO finished before the end of the month.

Since this is the one that has been unfinished the longest I decided it should be the first I try to finish.

The poor magazine its been folded up in for 5? 6? 7? years wont close properly any more cause it's been folded at the pattern page for so long. Might have to check out the year of publication so I can figure out how long it has been in progress.

I wonder if anyone else out there has UFO's that date back too long to remember? Must get back to stitching and get this piece finished once and for all!


someplace in thyme said...

Oh Shelley, I have you beat by at least 10 years. When I was cross stitching, I started a lovely pattern for my mother. Every now and then it bothers me that I have never completed it. Sometimes I think just do it! You have inspired me and now I think I will pull it out and get it done.
Love your cuttings and the basket. Bet that smells good too.
Sorry about the bath, wasn't meant to be, I guess. Oh well, another day my friend. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Dot said...

I have loads of UFO's. Of the top of my head I can think of one that's probably about 20 years old. I probably have one for every year since 20 years ago. LOL! I did clear some out at one stage but a lot of these are still too good to throw out. I still like them. (sigh)

Where in the world did you find that amazing basket? Did you make it?

Your stitchery is very pretty. It'll be lovely to finish it. ;o)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
I'm glad your bath finally sent the blues away.
How funny, I can remember my Mum saying "I can't even go to the toilet in peace"
I am the oldest of five girls.
Good on you for getting that gorgeous stitchery out and finishing it.

Chuck Workman said...

Warbling magpies? Does "warble" mean something different in Australia? Or perhaps "magpie" means something different. Here in the ol US of A they're screeching trash eaters :) But they do look cool when their black wings flash colors. Brendon would greatly approve

Abi said...

Oh I am glad you snapped out of feeling blue... I would love kids, but sharing my bath..mmmmmm that would be a difficult thing for me to share!!

Citrine... damn good name... going to call the next one that, since I chose Roam!...

Simone de Klerk said...

Love how you decorated your bathroom and really had to laugh about the disturbance. So familiar LOL
Me and UFO's. No idea what you are talking about. I try not to think of them...

Joy McD said...

That UFO is soooooo gorgeous!!! YES! Finish it!!! It's is going to be so pretty all done!!!