Friday, June 11, 2010



Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E

(this was one of several that were to be used as a mixed media project. This was the only one left that still resembled a leaf)

The Perpetrator: Woodstock T Cocky

His Accomplice: Baby Face Hobbs

(Yes you hang your head in shame Baby Face...your mummy spent hours creating that masterpiece of you)

The Idiot: Who left her sketch pad where the criminals could easily access it.

The Perpetrator Apprehended and behind bars

This jail bird's life almost came to a heated end as his owner seriously contemplated using him as a side dish..but as he is 20 years old decided against it as he would more than likely make a tough and chewy stew. He will remain behind bars and only allowed out for exercise with SUPERVISED visits and the strict warning that he must be on his best behaviour. He needs to stop the swearing as well.

His accomplice Baby Face Hobbs has been let off with a warning and a severe talking to about keeping better company.

All has not been a complete loss....the picture Baby Face tried to destroy has been saved..mostly..and is in the process of becoming a large mixed media picture that can be hung on the wall out of tiny hands reach.

The picture of Gaia was unsavable but the outline was traced and transfered to a new piece of sketch paper and is in the process of being re-drawn with some minor changes to hair and extra detail added. A chance for the artist to fix those little things that she was never entirely happy with first time around. This when finished will be framed and hung out of beaks reach.

Life is never dull in the Hobbs household


Uta said...

Looks like you need a studio. One that's under lock and key with an armed guard outside hehehe.

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

That I do Uta! My precious items around the home are always in danger of destruction ;)

In My Blue Room said...

oh my that is just too hilarious! I have my own little criminal who took a liking to the tiny starfish I embellished a book with, and tore it to pieces, Also she has eaten 8 remote controls!

That pic of babyface with his head down is just priceless!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Is your criminal a cocky too? I love him to death but he is a destructive little poo. Have to watch him constantly when we bring him inside.