Saturday, June 12, 2010

A bit of hard work never killed anyone but it sure makes you tired at the end of the day!

I am SO tired. I should not have sat down! Been like an Energizer bunny this afternoon, just going and going and going.....
Now I have sat down though *BIG yawn* excuse me...and snuggly warm after my bath and kicked back on my nice comfy recliner I could just .............................
..................................................................................................... *yawn*... Where was I??......Oh yes writing my blog post for today.
Inspiration struck last night and I whipped this up after a few hours work. Unfortunately I couldn't get a great shot of it cause of the glossy shine. A couple of close ups show the images better.

I got the gorgeous bride and boot images from The Graphics Fairy and even though a couple of people have explained to me how its done I still can't figure out how to create a link on here that actually shows up as a live link on my blog page. So for anyone wanting to look you'll have to manually type in the address sorry. If, like me, you love vintage and victorian prints it's worth visiting She has the most gorgeous free prints to use for craft work. I have saved heaps into a folder on my computer for future projects.

Edna Mae the beautiful vintage bride from the Graphics Fairy

Victorian boot also from the Graphics Fairy

As soon as I saw that gorgeous bride it was one of those I have to make something out of that NOW moments. She wasn't going to wait!

So a combination of a late night making my mixed media piece last night then spending the afternoon in my distaster area of a studio I am ready for an early night. Wonder if Miss Danae will let me get one.
You would all remember what my creative studio in progress looked like the other day when I posted.
This is what it is starting to look like now....with a lot of help from my beautiful Ebony. Look what I found under all the craft books, fabric, patterns etc. A TABLE!

Tara came out to help as well but disappeared after about 20 minutes never to return. Ebony stuck with it though and we sorted and moved heaps of stuff. Luckily she has some muscles in her poo cause there was some rather heavy crap to move out of there...mostly Kevs excercise equipment. Also a matress and a couple of bed frames.

So when Kev come out to see what we had been up to he was amazed and then motivated. Slightly! He hooked up some temporary lighting and powerboard until we get the power connected to the shed.

This is where my sewing machine will live and I can sew to my hearts content.

I'm so happy it's looking like a creative studio instead of a bomb site. There is still quite a bit of work left to do and one corner still has heaps of sorting and tidying up to do but I can get in there and do my thing and sort through the rest a bit at a time but now I've started I'll probably keep going till its done!

I now also have heaps of decorating ahead of me in there. Painting those walls and making it all prettyful. Not sure if I want to paint it all or just hang up quilts and art projects. I said to Kev I might hang my new mixed media pic of the bride out there and he said "No don't do that I like it. I won't see it out there"
Sweet...I'll hang it inside somewhere. I think I have some blank wall somewhere...I know I saw it!
I'm off to get ready for bed. I can hear it calling me.."the electric blanket is on"...."it's warm in here"......"the lavender scented pillows smell sweet" or maybe its the lack of sleep induced delirum making me hear things.
Till next time take care all


Elena said...

Ha! NOW I know why you had tsunami dreams! All the work clearing the studio. HA that's too funny but it looks great. And the vintage mixed media piece is wonderful! Love the pearl embellishment.

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Lol..Yeah the shed looked like a tsunami had been through it actually! I was just reading your email. Thanks for the info. Glad you like my art :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
I'm glad you got stuck into your studio and Ebony gave you a big hand sorting and shifting stuff. Well done also to Kev for adding some lights and power. YEAH, now you have your own creative space. Looking good too!
Ah, this latest multi media vintage piece is great. Good to hear Kev wants to hang it inside.
PS: good luck with sorting the rest out.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Shelley,

All you have to do for a link is this:

-right click on the post title and choose *copy shortcut*
-highlight the section of type (studio name) and then hit the little LINK (chain I think) icon in your post page dashboard and then paste in the copied shortcut.
Just steal one of the small pics, or do a blog blurp and I'll count you as a third time--okay?
Sorry this is incoherent---Anne is NOT awake yet!!!

XXOO!! ♥♥♥

Dawn said...

love your mixed media piece! your blog feels magical ~ glad I stopped by!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Thanks Anna
Spent yesterday in there too so its nearly all done. Have a wood heater to put in there so I can get creative...I could (just about) handle the cold but dont want the two little ones out there with me all day in the cold. Have to kick Kevs butt into gear there ;)
Glad you found my blog Dawn. Nice to have you follow :)

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Hi Shelley,
She looks stunning!! I love all the pearls and lace you used, now she looks even more beautiful than before! Great job! It was fun seeing your creative space too. It looks nice and roomy!