Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've lost my mind!!!! (or maybe just misplaced it in all the mess)

After my last posting complaining about the endless housework and spending the day cleaning instead of crafting, I get up this morning to a mess YET again.(am I a phsycic or what?) So this time instead of putting my crafting to the back burner I figure we have a long weekend coming up, the 3 teenagers are home tomorrow for report writing day, so the damn housework can stay put and the mess makers can help clean up over the long weekend.
So I have blissfully spent the day preparing my canvas with paint and crackle medium for my latest mixed media collage and sketching, quite lost in my work and oblivious to the mess (increasing as Cade ate his lunch and Danae dragged out more and more toys) that surrounded me. That was until 3:40pm when the phone rings! I answer it to find my loving husband on the other end asking if he needs to get anything on the way home. Then proceeds to ask "what we having for tea?"
I reply "I have no idea..haven't even thought about tea yet".
He then says "well I'm just letting you know that dad has a trailer load of materials for my shed and is bringing them over now. He's gonna stay for tea".
"are you serious?" I ask (this may not be exactly what I said but this is a child friendly time slot)
He says "yeah he's on his way now so better think about something for tea"
"Holy .....!!!!! (again time friendly slot)
Why does NO ONE visit when my house is spotless???!!!!!!!!!!!
Man the Panic Stations as I know it's only gonna take his dad about 40 minutes to get to our place and if he had already left..........AHHH!!!
So I do the magic spin a few times like Linda Carter and turn into House Cleaning Superwoman!
Dishes washed (and sink cleared of dishwashing bubbles so it doesn't look as if I only just did them)... vaccuuming and sucking up ANYTHING that was on the floor (that reminds me I must change the bag before those bits of tomato from Cades sandwich go funky in there)...Make my bed ..(which I never bother doing this late in the day but since Kev wanted to "show off your paint job to dad next time he comes over").
Needless to say I won't have to get on the treadmill tonight!
So as I looked at my work in progress area..aka our dining table...deciding where to start with cleaning that up..guess who pulls up the drive!!!!!!!
Another word muttered not for childrens ears and think what am I going to do with this??
Kids go greet Pa and help him unload as I stay inside and instead of frantically clearing all my mess off the table... I take a photo of it instead! Have I lost my mind??? Amidst all the cleaning madness what is Shelley thinking? She's thinking of her fellow creative bloggers and wondering how others create. Do they have all their craft supplies spread from one end of the room to the other like me or are they neat and tidy with everything in its place and just grab as they need it?
This is how I work

and this is actually a rather tidy day!
So I then proceed to go outside and say hi to Pa and as him and the kids finish unloading I take another pic..this one of what will be my creative studio... to show my blogging friends later me thinks ;)
So they all finish up and come inside for a cuppa and I say sorry Pa excuse my mess on the table. I can't be a creative genius and be neat too! We'll have to eat in the lounge tonight.
"Fine by me" says Pa.
Pheewww I think mentally wiping the sweat off the brow...I got out of that one!
So now I am asking for some help from my fellow bloggers. This madness could have been avoided if my creative studio in progress did not look like this

I moved all my craft items out of the house into here a few months ago just to get it all out of the house and I could get my house looking like a home! And also in the hope that it would give Kev the kick up the butt he needed to finish it off. Instead it has worked against me cause he uses the mess excuse as his reason for not being able to get in there to finish it! He could actually fill a book with all his different excuses!
So now I'm starting a petition! It's titled "Shelley wants her shed finished so she can just close the door on her creative genius instead of running around like a headless chook trying to clean up in case an unexpected visitor might drop in so get your butt into gear Kevin and get it done!"
So please leave your signature (a comment will suffice) and get your friends to follow and support a worthy cause.
Pleeease :)
hugs to all


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
I'm feeling for you honey! A girl needs her stuff and space.
I'm lucky enough to have my own home based studio (a converted sunroom).
Hm, long weekend, sounds like a good time to get stuck into this project!

rhianontaylor said...

Brilliant blog today Shelley! Don't despair, worry about the mess etc -just work around it. You can't do everything! If I were you this long weekend, I would take myself off to your workroom, sort it out then lock yurself in and be creative!!!!! You know you want to...!

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I'm hearing both of you! I'll get the whip out and crack Kev into gear and start some sorting...or other way around so that he cant complain he cant get in there.