Monday, June 28, 2010

It is icy cold in our part of the world. Winter has well and truely set in. Whilst hunting for my favourite pair of fluffy slippers in my room I noticed a beautiful ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds and it inspired me to head outside and take some photos of our winter garden for SOYCM. We live on an acre of land and when we moved in here a bit over 2 years ago the house had been vacant for several years and the garden had been let go (as well as inside YUK) and is a huge tangled mess. We have been tackling it a little at a time and have some areas looking very pretty whilst others are still a mess. Please overlook the weeds in several photos ;) Going to tackle some of that when the ground dries out a bit.

My most favourite garden dweller. I LOVE this statue.

This was living in a 6 inch pot at the begining of Summer before we planted it. It sure has taken off....overlook the weeds ;)

I love the rustic charm around our home. Our little cottage in the bush. It's slowly being lovingly renovated as funds and time permit.

I had a lot more photos to show but I can't get any more to load at the moment :(
Hopefully I can add some more later or continue them on next weeks post.


Sea Witch said...

Hello Shell (good sea witch name)thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments and wonderful story about your cat(s). I so believe in souls picking us, we just have to be open to it. I know what it is like to live with the old and the new...wouldn't have it any other way. Have the fun is the transformation of rooms and living space. Post photos of your before and afters...we would love to see them. Sea Witch

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey there! Just popped in to say thanks for popping in to my blog ... was going to email but you're a 'no reply' blogger, so couldn't chat. Love your garden photos, especially the rustic chimney - we have a Federation cottage we're gradually renovating, so rustic is a way of life here! :0) Stay warm! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Great pics of around your place.
Looking forward to seeing the rest!
Stay warm & cozy,

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Ha ha I do have a good seawitch name hey ;) Never thought of it like that I do love the ocean.
I didn't realise I had no reply on my email. Not sure how to change that. I've been into the settings and changed a few things so hope that fixes it.
Trying hard to stay warm's freezing here! Hope you're nice and warm

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Shelley! Pop across to and on her left sidebar, she has a list of "How To" post links. She's done a great tutorial on how to change your "no Reply" status. Much easier to chat back and forth via email! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

teresa said...

Love your statue too Shelly! Thanks for your lovely comments regarding my son and his accident. So glad he is home again they are all okay!