Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Read between the lines

Don't you just LO(athe)VE the school holidays?
Waking up to LOV(screaming)ELY little CHIL(ferals)DREN who are LOV(bored)ING every minute of the GLORI(dismal)OUS day!
ASK(hounding)ING mum for NOURI(junk)SHING foodly goodness that aids the (un)HEALTHY
GROW(decay)TH of teeth and bones and turns them into strong ACT(hyper)IVE CHIL(turds)DREN.
On top of all that BLI(argggghhh)SS it was shopping day my most FAVO(dreaded)URITE day of the week and the added extra PLEA(crap)SURE of a LOV(sick)ING husband to tag along too.
After our PEACE(silent drive to town cause mum had cracked them with dad cause he was being a ****)FUL journey to town we arrived at the doctors for the sick hubby whilst mum sat in the car with the KI(ferals)DS who kept ASK(whining)ING for food as it had been FOR(40 minutes)EVER since they had last eaten.
When Kev was finished at the doctors (found out he has some fluid on his lungs :( )and told to rest for the rest of the week, we headed up to the fabric shop and I only spent a little cause I was GO(sh**ty)OD and DISCI(couldn't be bothered with more hubby crap)PLINED. Just got some more ribbon and floral fabric for the dolls dress I have to make.
When I got back to the car hubby gave me a LOVELY kiss (and we made up) and got lunch for the poor starving kids! Then off to GROC(ugh)ERY shopping stopping at the op shop before the supermarket.

I found this great roll of fabric at the op shop for the bargain price of only $1 that I thought would be fantastic for some up coming Christmas projects that I do need to start (instead of leaving to the last minute like I always do). It had a bit of weight in it and I said to Kev there has to be about a meter or 2 in that when I got back with my find. How WRONG I was!!!

It was more like 5 metres!! Woo Hoo.

I have managed a few small finishes this week. Finished another doll I started last week (and have some orders for two more) and two blocks to send my friend in Scotland who I have been doing a block swap with for most of this year. I needed to catch up on one so up to date now and by Christmas we will have enough to make a small quilt each. I made a couple of blocks to add to my sampler in progress for mine and hubby's bed as well.

Here is one I'm sending this month (if your reading this before it arrives Rhianon you'll just have to act surprised when you get it) to my Scottish friend.

And the second one. It looked a little bare when I had it done so I added some embroidered flowers around the edges that finished it off nicely.

I'll have to add some more embroidery to the future blocks I send her to tie it all in nicely for when she puts it all together.

All the blocks I have sent my lovely friend so far.

I got one of my block roll holders finished and it is already holding several blocks. I'm making quite a few more cause I always have more than one (more like 3 or 4) quilt in production at any one time. I'm making one for my beautiful sister-in-law as well as she has just started hand piecing her very first quilt so she's going to need somewhere to keep those blocks in progress when she not working on it. (So if you're reading this Cindy you better act surprised when you get it too)

And here it is in use filled with the blocks I have received from Rhianon.

All my gorgeous blocks I've received from Rhianon. An extremely talented lady.

We went with a girly theme for our blocks. Thats all we know each month. Much nicer getting a surprise in the mail each month than bills and I cant wait to put it all together at the end of the year (which is creeping up super fast) Is it really the 1st of July tomorrow?????

Well time to get back to MOTHER(slavery)ING. Luckily for me the girls are getting tea ready so I've had time to write up my blog ( they're not ALL bad ;) ) Back to their SING(whining)SONG voices INFORM(complaining)ING me that they have SO(nothing) MUCH that they can do they have no idea where to start first.

Speaking of their endless list of things they could be doing (they have more to do than I ever did as a kid) (OH MY GOD I JUST SOUNDED LIKE MY MOTHER) the kids have been doing a bit more reading as well as asking me endless questions! Most of the questions I've been hearing ALL this week have been related to Stephen King. WHAT on earth makes them think that I have any idea about ANY(every)THING related to his books?

Ebony has decided to read IT. She's already been informed that if she ends up with nightmares to get in bed with her sister NOT ME! ;)


Uta said...

Oh you brought back some LOV(awful)ELY school holidays memories with my kids. They are adults now :). There is one game I made up that kept them entertained for ages. I would pack their morning tea and lunch very carefully and then I would hide it somewhere outside (weather permitting). I would then give them a written clue that would lead them to another clue and that clue to another and so on. At the end of all the clues they would be lead to their morning tea or lunch. Like a treasure hunt. They loved it and it gave me a little peace from their constant fighting hehehe

Elena said...

LMAO!! Ok, this is way way TOO hilarious! As I comment I just had to turn back from going to the store because son felt sick in the car and had to come back home. And I'll scream if I hear one more "I'm bored" when he's surrounded by so much to do. Does it make me a bad mom to be counting to the first day of school? Hugs and congrats on the beautiful fabric find!

Chookyblue...... said...

enjoy the holidays...........nice blocks for your swap.........thanks for stopping in.....I couldn't reply to your comment as your no reply........

teresa said...

Great post... had me laughing my head off. I don't know how you manage with 6 kids. I struggled with 2! Loved your fabric bargain... and I can relate (I am a Stephen King fan too)... Not too sure about letting her read "It" though... I've never been the same since xx



Dot said...

Ah ha ha ha! What an awesome blog entry. You are reading my mind. My 9 yo's DS died yesterday. Arghh! You should hear the whining.

On a quilty note, I just love the blocks you ladies are sending to each other. Beautiful! Oh and the block keeper.... Do you have a recipe?.... er pattern for that? I could really do with 4 or 5 of these for myself as well. I love it!

Candylei said...

The blocks are perfect and the block keeper you've embroidered beautifully. Do you sell the block keepers?
I love the pieces together of the quilt blocks but the hand quilting the tops is a chore for me.