Friday, June 25, 2010

They're creepy and they're kooky....and one of them is cutesy

Production has kicked into overdrive this past week. The mind has been working overtime with new design ideas...the hands just haven't been able to keeep up. Or my sleep! Why do the best ideas come at 2 in the am? My visual diary is overflowing with new sketches for dolls and paintings and my eyeballs are hanging out of my head!

First off I've been making some more dolls for Uncle Festers my favourite wiccan/goth new age shop. I'm trying to get a stash of dolls up as I usually go into panic mode and make about 10 in a week as the supplies run low so this time I'm planning ahead, although this doll seems to have lost hers! Marie Antoinette is Wednesday's beloved dolly that her naughty brother Pugsley put in the guillotine. She is the very first doll I ever designed and she has been popular. When I had dreams of designing my own dolls I never thought the first one I would come up with would have no head! I LOVE the Addams Family. I used to sit glued to the TV on a week day morning watching re-runs before school.
I have plans sketched to make the whole macabre family and Wednesday was the first I created this week. She's been snaffled by Tara. I'm half way through another of her and two more Maries. A few minor tweekages on the Wednesday pattern and I'll be making some for the shop and to list in my Etsy store.

Speaking of Tara..she wen't to her senior school social last night which was a masqurade ball. Pay close attention to the photos cause it's the only time you're ever gonna see her in a DRESS!!

The dress is another of my creations I made for my wedding to Kevin. We got married at Kryal Castle and had a medieval themed wedding. It was nice to be able to get the dress out of hiding for her to wear. I would SO love to go to a masquerade ball. All the beautiful masks and gowns elaborately decorated, and swirling to the old time music *sigh* Would be very magical. I think Tara looked beautiful and she had a ball (no pun intented)

This week I have also made another Danae the Rose Elf who was ordered by a new email friend I have in Queensland. She lives in a CASTLE!!! How cool is that! I couldn't get the same fabrics that I originally created her with but I think she looks nice in this colour way too. Interesting to see her done in different colours. The pattern for Danae will finally be available next week. I almost had the pattern complete when my computer died. My brother was able to get my files and photos off the old computer and just put all the files back on this computer so can finish it at last!

Now last but not least......drum roll........ Danae the Rose Elf finally has a friend! Meet Lynda Laydie Bird.

She was born at 2:30 this am!
A few minor tweekages on her too and she'll be up for sale with Danae on Etsy. I'll make her into a pattern too at some point. For now I'll take orders and she'll be available ready made.

She's been stuck in my head for too long...glad she's out ;) Makes room in there for more Wickedly Divine ideas! And there is no shortage of those.
I'm off to do some more creating. A friend my husband works with just had a baby boy...well his wife did.... and he wants me to make a time capsule for the precious little bundle. Until next post take care and stay Wickedly Divine


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Love your dolls. :-)

In response to your question, you can add the button in your gadgets under 'picture' and there is a space to put the wed address - just put my blog address. :-)
Thanks, Shelley.

Uta said...

I absolutely love The Addams Family and was lucky enough to see John Astin on stage and meet him afterwards. Love what you've done with Wednesday's doll.

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I managed to get the button up YAY.
How lucky are you Uta? That would have been so cool!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
Gosh, where do you find the time to make all these lovely creatiios while raising a big family.
"Wonder Woman" should be added to your blog somewhere! lol
Happy creating weekend,
Stay warm & Cozy,

teresa said...

Love your dolls, especially Wednesdays Marie Antoinette! Brilliant. Tara looks gorgeous - I hope she had a great time!