Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In the pink

As promised here is a pic of my finished fairy. I just had to keep this one for myself. She goes perfect in my pink lounge room. Although I have never been a huge fan of pink I must admit it seems to be creeping into more and more of my living space. My favourite colour when I was a little girl was yellow and since I hit the teens it has ever since been purple...of all shades. My bedroom walls are purple along with all the trimmings. So why is everything turning pink??
In colour therapy pink relates to love and calmness along with other qualities. With 6 beautiful kids, a loving husband, 2 cats..1 most definately a lover..2 dogs a pony and a cocky who is in love with me I would think I don't need to attract love into the house! As for the calmness...with all the above maybe thats the need for it ;)

We (when I say we I mean Kevin) bought a nice burgundy lounge suite last year...super comfy with high backs for my extra tall hubby.. and I instantly thought ugh the only shade that will go nice with this is a dusty pink. So I (reluctantly) sent Kevin out to get some dusty pink paint for the walls praying he didn't bring home something that looked like the horrible pink undercoat used on weatherboards. He bought home some paint that looked exactly like that in the tin but as funds were limited we painted the lounge anyway.. the top half of our 12 foot high walls done in an off white and the lower walls and picture rails done in the pink. And I actually love it. Thank the Gods it dried in a different shade than it looked wet in the tin! The burgundy couch looks fabulous along with the drapes and the pink sets it all off beautifully. It is such a warm and cozy room to sit in and read and watch tv. One of my favourite rooms in the house..along with my purple bedroom :D
As our dining room is adjoined to the lounge through french doors we are now planning to paint it pink with burgundy trims to match.
Which brings me to the next lot of pinkness that has found me....a gorgeous new fabric panel I purchased off ebay. It's not something I usually go for but as soon as I saw it I thought oooh must have! As much as I make darker style dolls I really don't have a dark gothic house I live in. Most of the darker stuff I make is exclusively for the shop and sales and the odd one I keep myself. I do like different though and as far as my patchwork goes I am a floral/vintage fabric type of girl and love soft shabby fabrics so my latest acquisition didn't fit that category at all. It arrived in the mail today..much nicer than the bills I usually get...and now I have to decide just what I'm going to do with it.

I'm going to have to find some pretty black and white fabric...which I have never purchased for anything other than making the goth dolls so that will be a new fabric shopping experience. As well as buying some nice pink to go with it too. More pink!!

And also arrived are some totally not pink fabrics and vintage prints of Alice that I am dying to make into a quilt/wall hanging for my daughter's room. I had always been fascinated and slightly freaked out by the weirdness of Alice's adventures in Wonderland as a little girl and with the release of the movie there is a smorgasboard of Alice merchandise taking over the world. Much fun shopping and browsing on ebay and online fabric stores.

As the story of Alice is such a crazy one I am thinking crazy patchwork style.. plus it gives me an excuse to do some more online shopping looking for embellishments and more Alice fabric and buttons to use on another Wickedly Divine Creation.


Brushed By An Angel said...

I love these little dolls. Looks like you put in a lot of work making them - and a lot of love.

Crafty Chookie said...

Love your doll...Looks ace....Your idea about doing crazy patch for Alice is perfect...Will look fantastic when finished...good luck with the on-line shopping....Cheers :-) Michelle

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Thank you both. They do take a while to make but they come out so pretty. I love making anything. Keeps me out of trouble ;)