Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy busy busy

It's been a pretty busy week for me creatively. A cushion, a wall hanging, 2 blocks for a block swap with a friend over seas and working on my Danae Elf pattern. It is almost finished and ready to print and sell :)
I started to make a fairy for my dear sister-in-law for her birthday and looked at it and thought I'm not giving her that. I don't know exactly what it was about it I didn't like..maybe something in her face and the way she sat? So with that failure under my belt on Friday and I had to visit her Saturday (AHHHHH) I spent the day...and night through to early hours of the am, making her a wall hanging featuring her favourite charater Betty Boop. I sewed these up on my embroidery machine and pieced them all together with a pretty patchwork pattern. I glued the butterflies into place and finished the binding off on the drive over...just as well we live nearly an hours drive away.

A similar story with the blocks. I made a nice patchwork block that turned out well and wanted to make a butterfly that I started on our first swap but didn't like so tried it again and still didn't like it so I spent a good hour surfing the net looking for a nice butterfly block and couldn't find anything I liked so ended up designing my own. I was happy with how it turned out and more importantly my friend liked it too.

I also created a cushion featuring a gorgeous silk print I purchased last year and never got around to using. I liked how this turned out too and am inspired to use the other prints I have now.

So I've had a fairly creative week and have lots more ideas and not enough hours as usual. Tomorrows plan..after the dreaded grocery shopping..is to go over my pattern and correct typo's etc and get it printed and off to Lisa for sale. I have a new design idea for a Wednesday Addams doll I want to make for Uncle Festers and am itching to begin my Alice in Wonderland quilt.
It may be a bit late but hope all the mothers out there had a lovely Mothers Day and got spoilt.
I got brekkie in bed and some much needed new winter pj's and slippers to keep me toasty warm and a beutiful re-born fairy baby that I had made for me and on lay-by for the last 6 weeks. Was able to pick her up on Mothers Day and bring her to her new home.

I just LOVE those little pixie ears. Not overly wrapped in her clothing though. Was a bit dissappointed there but I have some ideas for a new wickedly divine dress for her and some extra special wings.

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