Monday, April 26, 2010

Fairies and witches and Elve's OH MY!

Wow it has been a busy couple of weeks. Making a new batch of lovely ladies to take into Margarets shop. I had fairy bodies, heads and limbs all over the place. As I was telling the kids I need to sew up some more fairies my daughter said "Thats sounds you're some kind of fairy murderer or something stitching them up"....which prompted me to take this photo. Poor little fairies with severed limbs and heads.

I'm not a fairy killer though I'm a fairy creator ;) My headless, armless, legless girls become these gorgeous girls that are now sitting in Uncle Festers waiting for that special someone to take them to a new home

Along with a witch who was sitting in my house armlessly for I'm not talkin cockney...she had no arms for about a month. She is all finished now along with her besom my husband made specially for her

I also turned my last creation into a fairy by adding wings to her..I think it just finished her off nicely. She is looking for a new home too.
I started making one in pink/purple tie dyed fabric with black lace overskirt and loved her so much I decided to keep her for myself....can't get rid of them all ;)

I'll show pics of my new fairy when she is all done...she's armless too ;)
Now that all my dollies for the shop are done I will be working on my Danae the Rose Elf pattern that will be available for purchase from Button Bliss. I also have lots of new ideas for friends for Danae the first of which will be a lady bug. I have some great new fabrics I want to quilt and paintings I want to do. Like always I'm never at a loss for something to do or create. Lots of Wickedly Divine Creations to come.


J.Rae's Shabby Cottage Designs said...

Hi Shelley, I really enjoy your postings and think that your faeries are just precious!! Thank you so much for the kindness you have sent my way with your sweet words. Not too many people take the time anymore to send messages to let me know they like my work, and it truly blesses my day! Thank you so much! Julie

Candylei said...

Cute how you show us the dolls through the creating process. Very cute finished!!