Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adelind the Rainbow Dragon

Adelind is a very young dragon from the Rainbow Clan. She has never been out into the big wide world before and only knows the world within her fellow Rainbow Clan. Beautiful rainbow coloured crystals line the walls and ceiling of the cave she dwells within with her fellow rainbow dragons.
Being such a young dragon she has that childlike wonder in her eyes as she sees everything for the first time. Today she wandered out of the cave for the first time with her mother to spend the day in the dragon fields. After a while her mother lets her wander a little and watches her in the distance. Adelind watches the birds fly by and sniffs the delicate flowers.
The colours are so bright and fresh in the warm sunshine and she could spend forever here she thinks. The fluffy clouds float gently across the bright blue sky and the sunlight plays with the dust mites in the air creating a delicate sparkle. All the flowers smell so pretty and entices her senses. Rich colours fill her world and she is happy to be alive.
As she sits amongst the flowers inhaling their delicate perfume one beautiful flower stands out among the rest. Adelind plucks it from the ground and decides to give it to her mummy as a special gift. As she inhales the fragance a little white butterfly circles her head and then lands on the petals. She stares in wonder at it as she has never seen anything devoid of colour before. Where has the colour gone and how can something with no colour be so beautiful she wonders? The sparkle on the pretty little creature's delicate wings holds her attention and she cant look away.
She is lost in thought and time stands still as she takes in the beauty of this amazing creature in her hands.
Adelind has now sold and will be heading to her new home shortly. For more one of a kind hand crafted magickal creatures, goddess dolls, faeries and other fantastical beings head to my facebook page Wickedly Divine Creations

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Realmwright said...

Awwww! She's adorable - and like always she looks straight out of Dark Crystal :) I love how you have a story for her. I can totally picture your dolls containing some kind of magic in their eyes that allows them to come alive and scamper around the house....but not in the creepy Child's Play way, more like the end of Labyrinth.