Monday, September 6, 2010

Finished blocks

How did everyone's weekend go? I spent 2 days cutting, preparing and stitching thanks to Joy!
She added a Part B to her Finishing Stitches for this month for those who like to quilt. Part B was to finish off as many unfinished blocks as you can. Hmmm I'm wondering if she was sent to test me?? I have so many unfinished blocks waiting to become quilts or waiting to be quilted that once they are all done I'll never go cold again!
I've joined along three free BOM's as seen in my side bar by some lovely generous bloggers and another pretty one is on its way AHHHHHHHH. So I've prepared the remaining blocks I'm behind on the few I have already started and have also planned and cut out fabrics for some gifts for christmas while I'm at it! I have a lot started and on its way to becoming a finish but only have 2 pics to share at the moment of finishes. I am SO SICK OF CUTTING least favourite part of any project!

First one is the first Frosty Flakes block from Dawn Hay

I really enjoyed stitching this one. The little flakes are so delicate and pretty. I'm actually doubling up on this one and currently working on a second block the same. One for me and one for my good friend in America as a christmas gift. As they have cold frosty christmases I'm hoping she will love it. I'm not usually a big christmas decorator but I loved this design and had to make it. I do love decorating the tree but as I'm wiccan the whole religious part of christmas and more traditional decorations doesn't appeal to me. The family togetherness and giving gifts to the ones you love is our christmas well as eating way too much!

My second finish is the first Daisy Do block from Jenny that I had to do in purple of course!

Sorry its not the best shot but those buttons just wanted to sparkle! I love Jenny's design but I'm still undecided as to whether I like it not. I think its the background colour that I don't like. I might have to add a lighter border to it when the time comes? More cutting *yawn*

Well I'm heading back to more frosty stitching and then into my nice.. warm.. electric blanket heated... soft.....snuggly...... soothing b.......zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Dawn said...

These are pretty ~ I agree with you though, I hate cutting fabric!

Simone de Klerk said...

Love your blocks! I do like the Daisy Do block. The buttons give the fine touch to it. You should probably make a lighter sashing but definitely not too light, because that will take the sparkles away.

moramargaritaster said...

Love your blocks,are cute.Happy quilting!

BubzRugz said...

We have the same aim this month - to finish off things......... I love your blocks - and the purple is great.... what a good idea

Dot said...

Oh they're both lovely! You motivate me when I see all your finishes. :o)

I have both of these on the go as well..... and I'm behind on both of them. I keep getting distracted by 'other' pretties. LOL

I must finish up a couple of snowflakes. ;o)

Joy McD said...

Well done Shelley! You got in before me! I was cutting and ironing this morning to try to finish some stitchery blocks, and ugh.. got to tired to finish.. mabye tomorrow!
From your friend who is sent to try you,
Joy :)

teresa said...

Love those blocks Shelley, especially Dawns Frosty Flakes.. I so want to do this mini quilt... I love yours xx

Dawn said...

They look fab Shelley, love the red fabric... so 'snowflakey'...Lol
Hugs Dawn x x x

Abi said...

Hey Shelley, thanks for the feedback :O) do you have an etys shop? I love the quilt you made further on down your page (birds/birdhouse)- did you make it all, or was it a collaboration? may have misread the post though!
I know the dolls are expensive... I often do swaps, but wasn't sure if you make stuff regularly?

Elena said...

Playing catchup so need to say beautiful stitching, wonderful use of the fairy print, and fabulous night away with hubby!