Friday, September 10, 2010

Faery Merry Christmas

Been busily and happily creating some new things. Lots of new ideas and just not enough hands and hours in the day to get it all out. I'm taking a break from the quilt blocking..yes I know they'll stay unfinished for a while longer....but I have SO missed creating dolls and fairies I just HAD to do something different. As much as I love quilting and having gorgeous quilts in my home my true passion is making dolls. I love to bring a whole heap of pretty fabrics to life in doll form.
Wherever I go shopping I can always find some little trinket or off cut of fabric that would be perfect for some doll or another.

I am currently working on a few of these dolls and have legs and bodies sewn up and waiting to be filled. Thats my night time job when the noise of the machine keeps little peoples up. This one will get a head tonight and her dress will be finished for her. Then to give her shoes and hair. I'm making some of these to list on ebay and have a couple of different dolls in the works as well.

For those who know me well.. and those who have been following my blog long enough..will know without me even telling them that I am a faery girl ;) I just love them and have a house full of well as now that my embroidery machine is back up and running again I have been playing with my Sue Box fairies. OH she has the most beautiful embroidery designs ever! Unfortunately...or fortunately for my bank account...I can't use all the designs as my embroidery machine is at the lower end of the price scale and the largest size it will do is 4x4 but lucky for me ALL the fairy designs are compatable with my machine and they came on a disc I got with the machine so I didn't have to pay the top dollar for them either :D The lady I bought the machine off had hardly used it so decided to sell it YAY for me cause I use it ALL the time.
I plan on making these designs into a quilt for Danae for when she outgrows the cot but for now I am using them on Faery Merry Christmas stockings that I will be listing for sale on ebay next week. Remember the fabric I bought a few weeks back on my shopping spree? The pink princess fabric has been put to good use :) Danae has run off with it a couple of times and I just had to rescue it and put it up where she cant reach it. She will be getting one anyway and it isn't Christmas yet! She is just like her mum. She loves all the pretties :)
Back to the machine...time for a thread change...and pick up all the lace and ribbons Danae has emptied onto the floor to play with!


Joy McD said...

Very very sweet!!!! What kind of embroidery machine do you have? I have thought of getting one, or at least an attachment for my Bernina.. but not sure I would use it enough... Then I see gorgeous things like this and I wonder...:)

Dawn said...

wow ~ you are truly talented! love your etsy shop listed on your blog?

Simone de Klerk said...

Oh my, Shelley, that doll is turning out so pretty! I love it already.
And the stocking is too cute with the sweet fairy on it. Such tender colors. Beautiful post!