Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning...In Autumn

Ok.. so I'm a bit behind...or you could say I'm getting in early. I like that better ;) I've been in the process of de-cluttering, dusting, getting rid of old clothes, stuff I don't use. UGH It's a BIG job! At least I have one room to retreat to. The bedroom is sparkly clean, dust free and uncluttered.
All in aid of having a clean house and clean mind for the big changes I'm making in my life. Putting all my years of learning knowledge into practice and leading a more natural spiritual life. I've always been interested in wicca, new age practices, crystal healing, divination, but so far been doing it on a small scale. Lots of study and classes but not a lot of real practice. Now I have an overwhelming need to incorporate it into my every day life.
I have finally started my own little herb garden for cooking/spell work and natural remedies. All in pots on the patio. If I stick them in the garden my black thumb is liable to kill them :( They smell so good! the process of cleaning I came across my poor forgotten and neglected large..and I do mean large..porcelain doll, sitting on top of the girls wardrobe. Covered in dust and in desperate need of some love I've decided to give her a hot new make over with the assistance of Kayla helping with her hair. She's been vaccuumed..the only way to remove all that dust..shame shame.. and pigtails pulled out and stripped naked. She's looking better already. Above is the before shot of her looking sad and pretty plain Jane...stay tuned for her hot new overhauled look. She's going to be Wickedly Divine!

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