Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Altered pictures

So many design ideas going through my head and not enough time or hands to get everything happening at once!!!
Ok.. so here's another thing I'm contemplating making for sale. See what happens.
Altered pictures from photos. I got this idea from my baby girl..she is my muse ;)
and by a fantasy artist named Maxine Gadd. I have one of her fairy books full of beautiful artwork and one of her paintings is of a fairy baby who looks so much like my little Danae. As I am absolutely clueless as to how to photo shop alter photos (which is another thing I plan to remedy) I had to draw her by hand, and so my fairy drawing of her came to light.
I drew her with graphite pencils and highlighted parts of the pictures with derwent artist pencils. My eldest daughter is always ribbing me on dressing her as a fairy "Oh mum you're cruel. Look at the poor little thing". Well..tounge out and ....bblluurrrrrrrrrrttttttttt to you Tara hahaha

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