Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sewing, sewing, sewing

I'm still sewing up Christmas gifts for family and friends and managed to get a few more items ticked off the list the past couple of days. I have a wedding gift that needs to be ready by Saturday and a Christmas present that needs to be finished by Friday for a friend who is visiting that we wont see again before Christmas! Sew much to sew. Good thing I love to sew!

I purchased this fabric panel off ebay last week after my little girl was sitting on the couch with my latest craft magazine ooohing over one page. She had found an add with this panel on it and kept pointing at the yeti/snowman picture saying 'awwwwwwwwwww cuddie' Cuddie is her word for cuddle. She had that magazine out ALL day and kept going back to the one page ooohing and aahing over it so I couldn't resist hunting down the panel for her and found one on ebay.

She took off with the fabric as soon as I opened it!

She is such a funny little thing! She loves all my fabrics and threads and plays with them all the time while I sew. She steals my craft magazines too! I dont buy a lot of magazines but I do buy Thats Life or Take 5 just for the puzzles and my craft mags. I always have to fight the older girls for the puzzles and NEVER get to pick one up that the puzzles have been left alone in but my craft magazines were all just mine that no one ever touched .... that was until Danae discovered them!
When I picked up my latest issue of Homespun last week she sat next to me on the couch trying to pull it off me....'booka booka' she kept saying. I told her to wait cause mummy was reading it. She sat next to me for about 20 minutes until I closed the book at which time she immediately grabbed it from me and started flicking the pages oohing and aahing over the projects. I wonder if she'll be a craft lover like her mum when she grows up?

So Danae's panel became this book.......

It was so quick and easy to whip up....took less than an hour. And this is the yeti thing that had her so captivated.

Cant wait to see her get into it when she unwraps it :)

I also finished two of these bags. This one is for my little man Cade who starts kinder next year. I thought this would make a great kinder bag for him. The pattern was in an issue of Homespun. It has the straps on it he can use as a back pack.

There was also a pattern for a girls version with a mermaid on it that I made for Danae as well but I can't get the last pic to upload :( ONE more pic I wanted to add and it just wont work! Have to show you all next time.

Have to start wrapping these gifts up before the kids see them...Cade already found one thing I had stashed under my bed when he was playing hide and seek with his brother!
I'm off to....yep...get more sewing done :)Right after I put the princess to bed.


BubzRugz said...

Those are just fantastic presents.... yay, more done and ticked off the list...

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I just wrapped all the kinder teacher pressies for tommorrow.
Here tis 5.30pm and My washing still on the line and no dinner done or animals fed Or kids! But Hey getting through some gifts!
Got visitors nearly everyday for next week so need to finish these home baked items! Be nice to have some for us to eat and enjoy! Not just give them all away

teresa said...

Love the book you've made Danae... she is going to love it... and Cade's backpack is wonderful! Great gifts and great sewing Shelley.. you are doing well!

Simone de Klerk said...

Love how that panel became a book for your little girl. And the bags are perfect!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
How special that you can share your beautiful creations with your family and your passion of craft and sewing with Danae!

Watch out~if the Mothers from Kinder find out you made Cade's bag they will all be putting in orders.

What gorgeous handmade gifts for Christmas and in the real spirit of giving from the heart.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Love the book you made from the panel, it is a beautiful panel.
Great kinder bag too, I agree with Anna you had better be ready to make some more :)

Crafty Chookie said...

Love the book...My previous job had book panels and couldn't resist making one..They are very easy to do...My daughter use to play with my fabrics until one day she cut the boarders to her eyespy quilt I was making at the time..I still used it as a reminder...LOL
Hugs Michelle