Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What did we do before computers??

I can't remember but I am sure missing my computer! We have 2 lap tops. One is a small 10 inch laptop..I am using now..that is really only good for web browsing and wordpad. I can save pics from the net to it and thats about all. It has no disk drive in it. The other has my LIFE on it! My photo's, files, documents, embroidery machine designs, wallpapers, patterns, PDF manuals for reiki, games I love. I'm missing my plants v's zombies game :(
I cant show any photos of my finished jester, send pics of the kids to friends and I cant put my embroidery designs onto the card to use my embroidery machine, I can't put my Danae Rose Elf pattern up for sale yet either because it is on the other computer....AHHHHHH....I want my computer back!
We have had nothing but trouble with our laptop. Parts have broken down. We bought a new power pack for it. Internet connection stuffed. Sent back and returned, sent back and returned again. Had to buy parts to re route internet. Now the connection for the power is dead. Cant even turn the stupid thing on. No power will go into it at all! But the power pack works fines on this computer.
Luckily I have an IT brother who can retrieve everything off the hard drive power or not in it so I will get all my files and photos etc back but have to wait till we get another computer..which is supposed to be by the end of this week or early next. There was none left in stock have to wait for new shipment to arrive!
Have to go through the whole process of adding the plug ins again for printer, my reader writer, camera, kids i-pod. You don't realise how much you rely on the computer until it's gone!
This new computer better have a guardian angel with it.

I think the last one's was asleep on the job.
Hoping to share some crafty pics with you real soon. Fingers crossed our new computer will be here this week and I can play with it all weekend.
At least I can still look at all my blog friends beautiful craft works in the meantime.
But still wahhhhh sob sob I miss my computer :(

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