Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pyro in the making!

Spent a lovely afternoon with my best friend/sister-in-law and little niece... and my boistrous almost 4 year old and Miss D. Thank the Gods Miss D is perfect...her brother is more than enough for one person to handle. He gets it from his Dad's side ;)
Was a welcome change from house work, house work and more house work. I usually only get to town to do the groceries and bills on a Wednesday so was nice to get out just for a visit. Need to do more of it.
Thats if my car will let me... On the drive home...Bon Jovi rattling the windows...I noticed the car was handling differently. Was driving like I was in the wrong gear but I wasn't. My mechanical minded hubby discovered it was the universal joint (yeah just a name to me too) and it is well and truely fubar...someone was watching over me cause if it had have fallen off while I was driving along the highway doing
100km/h (or there about's ;)) it would have flipped the car. Needless to say I am now stuck home till its fixed!! Which will give me more time to play with my newest toy :D a woodburning tool I purchased in town yesterday.
Had a practice play with it last night. It could become a new addiction. AND a friend I was chatting to last night said you can use it to create great effects on fabric and laces. OH MY...the mind boggles. hmmmmmm better make sure my insurance is paid up while I play around with these new ideas ;)


catsmum said...

you might want to visit Lisette at
she is the [contemorary] quilting queen of the burning tool
and thankyou for visiting my blog :]
as you can see I've returned the favour

Lisa said...

ohhhh new toys! I like the sound of that already!!! Hope the car gets fixed as economically as possible :-)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Shelley,
I've just popped over from Lisa's blogspot.
Oh dear, Yes, I know what sort of damage a dropped tail shaft can do. I saw a truck with the tail shaft hanging on the ground, which had colided with a car recently. Thank goodness for handy guys in our lives.
Ah, how good does it feel to de-clutter, whatever time of year it is!