Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Procrastination over!!

Greetings and Welcome to what I hope will be the start of bigger and greater things.

My name is Shelley Hobbs and I'm a happily (most days lol ) married mother of 6 who lives to create. Sewing, quilting, painting, drawing, writing, scrapbooking, Whatever! as long as it's creative it doesn't matter. I try to do something creative everday or more truthfully I NEED to
do something creative every day.

I live in a very small Australian town.. about 40 minutes from the nearest city.. which is very peaceful (when kids are at school at least) and inspirational. On an acre of land surrounded by trees, sheep, kangaroos and not much else. I love the peace and quiet (so why did I have 6 kids? ;)) so I can let my mind wander. I love to sit under our big weepy tree and meditate or daydream about the creatures in the garden and make up stories for my two littlest. I have a passion for all things spiritual/wiccan and being out of town where I can connect with nature and breathe and just be me is very important to me. I tend to shy away too much from people ..which is another thing I plan to address this year..one small step at a time ;).but I've been told that most creative people suffer from some sort of depression, are loners or mad! So I should do exceptionally well as I have all 3 covered! LOL

My baby girl Danae..who just turned one...is my biggest inspiration at the moment. She is so happy and bubbly its hard not to be inspired by her. She reminds me so much of a fairy/pixie that I have many designs floating around my head that I hope to bring to life in the near future and my first doll design was inspired from her.

My life's dream has long been to be a novelist and/or start my own business selling my creations that will give others enjoyment. My main problem with this is years of procrastination and self doubt... so today I bite the bullet and just start! I have LOTS of excuses not to start..I don't know how to create a web site, I don't have any stock made up to sell, I have no coloured ink for the printer to print out my patterns to sell, I have too much housework, the kids are being pains, I have too many kids who need my time, I don't have the time, the moon and planets are in the wrong alignment ;) .... but the real reason I guess is fear! Fear of failure. What if I'm not good enough? What if people don't like my work? If I fail then what becomes of my dreams? What do I do then? But when it comes down to the crunch.. if I never try I'll never know, and the good thing about dreams is you can keep on dreaming.


BLISS said...

Yay Shelley, welcome to blogland...it's about time you joined in and started showing off some of your amazing creations,

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Thanks Lisa
There's so much to it all... but I thought I better start off somewhere
Hugs back